The Spain Portugal Friendly In Wanda Will Have 22 590 Spectators

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

The Madrid Community Health Committee authorized the Spanish and Portuguese national teams to hold a friendly football match at the Wanda metropolitan Stadium on June 4, which can accommodate up to 30% of the audience, As a result, up to 22590 spectators will be able to participate in this summer’s European Cup qualifiers.

Following a review of the action plan submitted by the Spanish royal Football Federation, the general public health administration actively reported on the proposed measures and allowed up to 22590 fans to participate, who had to enter the stadium through seats. The Madrid community said in a press release. So far, during the pandemic, the Madrid community has not held a football match. There is neither a first-class League audience nor an absolute national team audience “The road to Euro 2021 begins with the Spanish national team in Madrid,” current Madrid president Isabel Diaz ayuso tweeted.

In order to avoid gathering, the public must enter through 110 winches in 34 entrance doors set in different slots, depending on the entrance passageway and the stadium area. The event organizers will set up security controls throughout the venue, In addition, there is a signal device to help guide the audience in and out. Masks must be worn at all times. Smoking and drinking or eating in the stands are prohibited.

Similarly, the General Administration of public health has authorized 30% of the audience to participate in several matches of her Majesty’s Cup championship, especially the semi-finals on 26 and 27 May and the final at butalke stadium in Leganes, Madrid on 30 May.

The emergency plan also bans the provision of catering services, smoking and drinking or eating in the stands during the competition, and the mandatory wearing of masks.

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