The Eye Of The Coachman, The Soul Of The Farmer

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

“If you don’t ask for opponents in the European League final, when will you ask for them? Manchester United will have their own moments and we will have our own. It will be a very, very long game

Alfonso Pedraza looks at the future in the way he studies the evolution of storms. He knows Villarreal will have to beat Manchester United in Gdansk this Wednesday (Movistar, 21:00). He also knows that the only way to achieve this is to be fully aware of the difficulties in dealing with these challenges patiently and carefully. His reasoning is not epic. Just 25 years old, the expression of the coachman is the real expression of the farmer.

“I’m from Saint Sebastian Delos Ballesteros, a town of 800 residents founded by Charles III and German settlers,” he said. Sagg, my second name, is German. I grew up in the country. The olive garden has always been an illusion for me and my father. Agriculture is one of the things that excites and relaxes us. My father and mother worked in the countryside all their lives. My father was a truck driver, but as a child he had no choice but to go to the fields to pick beets or cotton. I made it like my father’s dream. Because he retired, now he has entertainment and fantasy. Now we’re sending the crop to a cooperative with a mill, but I really want to create something about oil in the future. This is the star product of our country. ”

“Nothing is more proud and satisfying for me and my father than having an olive tree in Cordoba,” he concluded. Football until he was 35. Then you have to create a future. Putting money into an investment fund won’t make you as happy as working for your family on your land. I come from the countryside, I love the countryside, I want to live in the countryside. ”

Pedraza has invested his savings as a footballer in buying olive trees. He plays football as clearly as anyone else in the world “I remember as if he came to me yesterday,” he said. That was more than ten years ago. He was a sophomore in Cordoba against Malaga and Granada. I was left-handed, but in that game, I didn’t know why, I played well and left. I scored two goals. When I left the dressing room, my father told me that Villarreal loved me. I don’t believe it. I’m playing in Seneca and I’m surprised to have teams so far away staring at me. Maybe Seville, Betis, Cadiz… But Villarreal

In 2011, he moved to Villarreal’s home. Two years ago, after a mission in Leeds, he returned to the sidelines. For him, a 1.80 stem, this process is not simple. He did it because of his observation. ” The sides are smaller and more skilled, “he said. Look at Jody alba. He’s short. Gaia is short… I love watching video clips of my game. It helps me to keep the outline and the position of the four lines. In the game, you have to be calm about the ball and pay attention to what’s going on on the court. But when you see the game sitting in your house, if you analyze it, you will find that there are many things that need to be improved: block a center, close it with line 4, put a center in front, when you block an internal passage, your direction is well outlined to intercept… A good profile is to win the second game. Smaller players have more sparks, they don’t need to put themselves so well. Tall players have to have a good profile. I’m good at the rice in front of me. I walk very fast. In a short space, it’s harder for me to move. But if they throw a ball behind my defence, I can see their clearance

One of Villarreal’s most common moves is to pass the ball automatically to the opponent’s right back in the blind area of Moreno, MOI or tregelos. They knew Pedraza would be on time. ” “It depends on a player’s instinct, on his understanding of the game, on his understanding of his teammates, on how he will play, on whether he is looking for feet or space in the game,” he said

Pedraza’s secret weapon is gaze. When he reached the last quarter, no matter how tense the game was, he always looked up before passing the ball to the finisher. As a result, he has scored two goals and assisted four times in dozens of unbalanced games this season I got to the center of the city very quickly in the beginning, “he said. Emory corrected my behavior. We have to use everything. I go upstairs and I look at you. You know where everyone’s going. The forward is in the first shot and the center is at the penalty spot… These things are organized by the coach and from there the team will improve. Emery is very insistent on not paying attention, but passing the ball to his teammates. Apart from alba, he is undoubtedly the best winger in the world. For others, it’s very complicated to get to the bottom line and get a good pass. Creating opportunities without space is the most difficult thing in football. In the last few meters, you can get points: you can play better or worse, but the one who scores the most wins

With hard work and determination, Alfonso Pedraza has become one of the best players in the league. It’s a symbol that represents the last Spanish club to survive a UEFA match.

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