Modric’S Contract With Madrid Extended To 2022

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

Some of Real Madrid’s recent problems have been permanently frozen, but others have long been clear. The renovation of 35 year old Luca Modric is one of them. On Tuesday, the club announced that it would extend the Croatian for another year, reducing wages by 10% this season and next. It’s a measure that the agency intends to apply to the entire staff in a comprehensive way, just as it did during confinement through a comprehensive agreement with everyone (except Gareth Bell) in 2020, but it’s not possible to reach a comprehensive agreement yet, and it can only be implemented in a timely manner with the players who accept the agreement.

Modric’s contract extension was settled months ago and only signed on Tuesday, accompanied by Florence Perez. President Blanco himself confirmed the extension of his contract with the Balkans last April.

After the protocol ceremony with the Croats, the entity will face more difficult problems in the coming days. The most important thing is whether Zidane will stay on the bench, Ramos’ future and his contact with Real Madrid will end in a month. The first thing will depend on the meeting between the technicians and the upcoming supreme representative. ” I’ll talk to the club. At the end of last Saturday’s game against Villarreal, the Frenchman said, “not now. I’ll talk about it later.” it was more suspense. Meanwhile, the negotiations with the captain stalled a few months ago, and the clock has been counted down. Another player who also ended up was Lucas Basquez, who proved the distance between the two sides almost from the beginning, because the same player fell down many times. Although their contract is due to expire in 2022, the club is also waiting for varan and Nacho.

With Modric, it’s easy. The 2018 Golden Globe Award winning midfield player is tired of asking people not to judge his football by his age It’s what the players do on the court that matters, not the passport. I feel good. “I’m still eager to compete at the highest level and I try to do that every day,” he said after beating Atlanta in March. Just seven years ago, at the age of 28, he accumulated more participation than that (3721 minutes, compared with 4061 at the time). In the newly completed match, he played 1100 minutes more than the previous match (he only missed three league matches and alco’s Cup rest). His boots are one of the important reasons why white people go ashore in the league and championship matches. Despite the injuries, there are also shortcomings in the game. Templates, especially in attacks. His goal of beating Villarreal at a discount last weekend was a sign of his greatest motivation and competitiveness. This victory is no longer valuable for the Champions (Atletico won in Valladolid).

The first bend of the course starts on the bench. In the classic game between nou camp and Gladbach, Madrid made an emergency move after a loose season. Modric came on as a substitute after Baldwin, who scored 0-1 in Barcelona. As early as last season, Zidane rotated them in the same way until the pandemic stopped, Allocate time to a smooth transition.

However, after confinement and the crisis in early December, Modric became non-negotiable and football gave him the right choice. When the Uruguayan’s physical problems were allowed, the French technician often let the Uruguayan down, but did not weaken the Croatian. Although many of his teammates were injured, he stood until the last minute; Literally, as he demonstrated in the funeral atmosphere of waldebas with his already barren alvareal, everyone is aware that they are handing over their titles to the red and white.

Now, Modric’s challenge is to further extend the engine he took good care of while in prison. He went from season to season and became the third-largest player in the team (after cassemiro and Benzema). Now he will play in the European Cup with Croatia, which will be linked with Madrid’s next season.

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