Messi, Cristiano, Neymar, Mbape And Haran: Five Star Players Without League Or Championship

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

Fate is unpredictable, unpredictable and real. Now the top five media stars bid farewell to this season without winning the championship or the corresponding League. Their consolation is common: to win the cup in their respective club’s country and qualify for the next Champions League.

Messi, Ronaldo, mbape, Neymar and Haran are the direct victims of their team’s abnormal performance: Barcelona, Juve, PSG and Borussia of Dortmund. His personal goals and contributions are not enough. He has been surpassed by Atletico Madrid, inter, Lille and Bayern at home. The top three won at least the award to announce that they are the best shooters in the league, while Harland, with an average of 0.96 goals per game, had to succumb to the strong momentum of levandovsky’s 41 goals. Levandovsky is already the Bundesliga’s historical record. Neymar made only nine hits and signed his worst transcript since joining PSG in 2017.

Leo, an outstanding individual.

After applying to burofax to leave Barcelona, the Argentinian completed a good individual season. His 30 and 11 goals in 35 league games, together with his decisive influence on the team’s attack, enabled him to complete his contract at his best. When he was nearly 34 years old, the regularity of his performance was still a guarantee, although Barcelona did not win the last six titles or the last two leagues, second and third respectively. As captain, he lifted the king’s trophy.

Cr is the backup.

Until the last day, Pirlo decided that the Portuguese would not play for a minute and he had to wait for Juve to enter the next Champions League. He won the first nine Championships in a row and won the fourth place. The 7-year-old won the highest achievement trophy he has resisted since coming to Italy: 29 goals in 33 games. You can now brag about being in the Premier League (2008), the Premier League (2011, 2014 and 2015) and Serie A. His other rewards at the age of 36 were trophies and Super Cups.

PSG duets are not enough.

PSG did not win the French League budget and staffing is not easy to explain from a football point of view. He has accumulated seven of the past eight Championships, but at the moment neither mbape nor Neymar combined enough to beat Christopher galtier’s rock Lille. The French are twice as productive as the Brazilians, despite the ups and downs caused by Kovic and injuries. His 27 goals and seven passes made him the top scorer in league 1, though not his personal best (33 in 2018-19). From his first season in Barcelona (2013-14), Neymar is not so short: 9 points. He played 18 of 38 games, 41% of the time controversial. French Cup and Super Cup, consolation award.

Rubio’s goals and leadership.

In an unbalanced game, Norway’s Harland scored 27 goals in 28 games without Dortmund competing for the league title. His excellent sprint final made him at least third place and qualified for the next round of the championship. Despite 14 points against Bayern, he also won the Champions League including Leipzig with a 4-1 goal. On a personal level, Harlan did get an a.

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