Egan Bernal’S Experience Of Italy In A Trance

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

Two little black guys, a movie star, screamed in the beautiful valley, and the dark curtain d’Ampezzo stopped on the wire of a cable car. Low clouds continue to cover the pale mountains, which should be encircling the city. The turning point is along the road of dolomite, fazarego and podoi. Under the action of snowstorm and some snow, it leaves the place leading to the valley of FASA. It’s sunny in the afternoon. The second Tuesday is off. The crow’s hoarse cry will never stop, which may torment Egan Bernal’s dream, but never. Egan drosa, living in a trance, forgot. These days, Renko evenepol’s crazy head may be knocked down. In the conflict of emotion and memory, she is 21 years old and has become the first big name of the new Merck company. But the Italians say that Damiano Caruso’s eardrum is neither rubbed nor scared. He is the second term of a general and an elegant Sicilian socialite. He brings the necessary secularism or Neo realism color to his pink career.

Three stories define a turning point, with five days left, three mountains – Wednesday, segadiala; On Friday, dimera, in the Alps, was on Lake mayor, but there was no plan to pass through motaron, the first port where Sunday’s tragedy occurred. As a result, the cable car was cancelled. On Saturday, it finally passed through the Swiss giants San Bernardino and sprugenpas in motaron, in the Alps– A sprint – Thursday – Milan’s last counterattack, up to the cathedral, looks like magoria, who gives IgAN hope “I’m back,” Colombians told reporters Juan charro on instagram live at midnight on Monday. After winning the tour, I had a very bad year, physically and mentally. I had to leave the tour with a huge back pain, which is not why I just left, after a difficult experience

The journey IgAN can’t complete is the battle of Slovenia, the rule of primozzi rogricci, the victory of tadeji bogakar, 21, which deprives the Colombian of the honor of becoming the youngest tour champion in more than 100 years. ” This winter I began to doubt myself. Am I not going to make any more progress? “Have I reached my goal 100%,” said zipaquila’s magic boy, who had just turned 24 and admitted to feeling “trance” after announcing his great return. This is another way to call it a state of grace, enabling him to destroy one on one, Almost in a unique battle, all the opponents stood in front of him, beating the drum of rebellion, Remko, Vlasov, Yates, Katie. He just needs to feel the complete fight and defeat the Slovenians, and they will be surprised. ” But it won’t be this trip, “Egan warned. I will be very tired to turn around, in order to prepare for this trip, I need to work hard, put my back back to the dangerous place. You can only travel 100 percent. I don’t think he can play games either. The second half of the season will definitely focus on turning

There, in Spain, you’ll find bogacar, but not Renko evinepol, whose performance, the difficulties he experienced on the dirt road in Montalcino, at eljau and his peak at 2233 meters, was transformed into a corridor with ice walls, which received all kinds of analysis in one day on August 15, 2020, Fell off a bridge in Lombardy. It is said that he has recovered from his physical trauma. In order to cure mental illness, post-traumatic shock, fear of downhill, marching platoon, loneliness on the dirt road, he just needs time to think about his team, think about him, he is looking for how to return to the trance state of all flow and body abandoned. Patrick lef é V è re admits that it may be too much to make the spin his first game for Colts in eight months, and it may be a mistake not to fight for maglia Rosa a few days before he shoots, Consider not putting the blame on the team so quickly. ” With Remko drosa, you’ll have a good memory of this turning point, “said lefey, adding that another problem is that his runners are not used to losing because he’s never lost. His self-esteem was greatly touched. ”

Although the head of the team thinks it’s a good thing to pull him out of the race and save him a penalty in the rest of the mountain, the cyclist just wants to go back to Milan and win the final countdown there, hoping to win.

For Caruso, it would be a lifetime victory to stay second or get on the podium. He’s an official gregarion and the son of a policeman – his father was judge Falcone’s bodyguard, killed by thugs in Palermo – he’s the mistress of Andre Camilleri and his political commissar salvo montabano, while Punta SecA’s cyclist Ragusa is known as the eagle of Ibero (the mountain on his land), sometimes with a “carusono…”, Like your hero. He worked for another Sicilian humanist, Senzo nibali and Mikel Landa, who broke the ice. He has never heard a song to give him one that never will, because he has never had a great ambition. What’s more, the miracle of spin, the magic of pink, not maglia, finally had her story at the age of 33. ” “All I did,” he said, “was run for myself.”

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