Benzema: “I Finished Everything For Deschamps In Three Minutes.”

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

Karim Benzema (33) is the greatest player in France. He returned to the national team after six years of absence, which gives hope to the current world champion who is preparing for this summer’s European Cup. The striker decided to sit down and talk to the team before training for clefontaine on Wednesday, giving an extensive interview in which he deciphered the key to his return to United Gaul and his great moment with Real Madrid.

Coach Didier Deschamps is the key to his departure and his return. Benzema was excluded from the European Cup in 2016 due to the case of Balbuena, in which the Madrid striker was accused of blackmailing his teammates through sex videos. Since then, the technicians and the players have never spoken again. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, at a “gentlemen’s” meeting, that they managed to resolve their differences We haven’t met since I was last selected in 2015… We have a lot to say. I’ve been getting on well with him and after three minutes everything is back to normal. Although we haven’t seen each other for more than five years, “Benzema explained, without revealing the details of the conversation with Deschamps.

Although Benzema has been excluded during this period, considering giving up French nationality and playing with his parents’ country of origin Algeria, he felt like a rookie at the age of 33 The first game against Wales (the friendly in nice on June 2) will be a bit strange, wearing a blue T-shirt and listening to the hymn… “He stressed. It’s been very painful for the striker to leave over the years. He claims that he has never lost hope, which makes him work harder and stronger. From his debut at the age of 19 in 2007 to his retirement in 2015, Benzema became one of the captains of the national team after playing 81 games and scoring 27 goals in the previous stage.

His excellent season at Real Madrid is a strong guarantee of Benzema’s return to the national team, even if he does not win any titles We have 60 injured! We’ve never played against a normal team. Everyone has keweide, even Qizu. But even so, we got to the semi-final of the Champions League, got a good winning streak and fought until the last day of the league. We can win everything, but we lose everything. That’s football The striker has always been the absolute leader of the attacking target, scoring 30 goals in all competitions. He is the second Frenchman to score the most goals this year, only next to mbape. He has scored 42 goals in total. Grizman, the commander-in-chief of the Gallic group in recent major games, spent 17 seasons in Barcelona. Gerud, Deschamps’s ninth man, only scored 10 points this year.

Another major supporter of Benzema’s return to the national team is his coach Zidane, who believes Zidane is his brother It gives me confidence on the pitch. He’s my coach, but he seems to be my brother. He has always supported me, good or bad, and he keeps improving me every year, “the striker stressed, adding that he knows the technician has a long way to go in Madrid. He won’t go. You’ll see. If he left, he would… But now, without Zidane, I can’t see Real Madrid

His Real Madrid teammate Rafael varan will be one of his main supporters in the Gallic dressing room, which is packed with stars Rafa told me everyone was waiting for me and they were happy. I’m not afraid to go into that dressing room, “he said. Benzema stressed that he will not let anyone down, players like mbape or grizman will continue to be references They have won! They know what this is. I’m just here to get what I can do. ”

The striker will be wearing No. 19 and he was wearing No. 10 in the last stage and now looks like mbape I don’t want to go back and say “give me your phone number.”. Anyway, it’s 10 + 9. Here you are, my two favorite numbers come together! ” The forward said with a smile. On June 15, France will face Germany at the opening ceremony of the European Cup. Germany will face the last two world champions. Benzema has a clear goal: “I want to win the cup with the French national team.”

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