Betis Announced To Renew Huajin’S Contract For One Year

2021-05-24   |   by CusiGO

Betis’s first decision is to announce the renewal of his captain Joe Quinn, who will be active for at least one more year before 2022. Therefore, the eternal betico player will play his 22nd season as a professional, Thirteen will play against Betis, five against Valencia, two against Malaga and two against Fiorentina. Huajin will turn 40 next July and will continue to be active. It’s a good example of a footballer breaking records at Andalusia club. For example, he played 462 games and became the player who suffered the most in the history of the Andalusian entity. Two days ago, he beat Jos é Ramon essnaola (460) in a duel with Granada, ahead of Julio cadenios (413), Rafael Gordillo (411) and Javier Lopez (394).

Bettis announced her legendary sequel in a video. Actress Maria Galiana, a famous fan of Andalusia club, tells about her experience as an actor and mentions captain Verdi Blanco. ” Talking about happiness is talking about Betis, my Betis, Huajin’s Betis. He’s such a gambler. He doesn’t have time for him. Day after day, up and down the band, dial! I like it so much… When I was young, the world was the greatest, which seemed to have changed these days, despite my determination to continue the war. You, Huajin Maria Galiana, 85, said in a video produced by Betis.

Joaquin’s contract extension is the first decision made by the club’s top management. President Angelo harrow and coach Manuel Pellegrini will lead a meeting to plan Betis for next season, where he will play in the European League. It is expected that considerable changes will take place in the team that starts to work on July 5, which needs to be strengthened in response to Betis’s highly demanding campaign on three competing fronts. It will be the image of Joaquin, 40, the eternal captain of bettiaco and the club. He is a player who has scored the most goals in 40 years. He is a sports hotline that connects several generations of players such as Luis Enrique, ELO, Alberta, Puyol, Raul and Morientes with Xavi Alonso, Iniesta, Jess Navas, Sergio Ramos, Xavi, Vela (World Champion) and current PEDRI, Fabian and Dani sebalos. Joaquin has played 52 times for Spain in international competitions, participated in the 2002 World Cup in South Korea, Japan and Germany in 2006, and the 2004 European Cup in Portugal. He has won the football championship twice. 2005 King’s cup with Betis, 2008 with Valencia.

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