One 9-1 Pair Bolt

2021-02-28   |   by CusiGO

It’s the second day of the 67-68 season, Real Madrid ushered in Real Madrid, promoted to number one after the second year of five years. His return was welcomed: it was a classic. Even today, he is still one of the only teams always in the first or second place: Madrid, Barcelona and athletic, always in the first place, more competitive, espanyl, Valencia, Sevilla, real society and sports.

The Royal team won a seal a few years ago: to be a locked team. It started with Benito D í AZ, who spent a war in France and brought WM from guilantine, which hindered a means of defense. From then on, the royal family will evolve into a high-profile lock, although it will unfortunately become a symbol of identity. For Madrid, great years are always a bone; in Madrid, it is through bolts and Atocha, because it defiles the pitch. Di Stefano even suspected that they had put a double rubber chamber on the ball, which made it heavier.

Now it’s another Madrid, without Santa Maria, di Stefano and Puskas. 16 months ago, a young, rejuvenated Madrid, YeYe, European champion. This is the next day, the performance in banaba, the first departure of the Royal stadium, and also has a lot of updates. Central ansola, pepolo and galadi media, as well as the expedition godjuela are gone. Di Stefano called it barreberenas, because he walked to the stands at such a sudden speed, the ball caused a lot of confusion.

They are not there, but the legend still exists. And his coach, the former draft pick, didn’t say, “there will be locks,” he said in an earlier interview with Marca.

The madridianists came here to know how the ye people will face this ancient problem, which has plagued their glorious ancestors more than once. There are only people left. They’re leaving tonight. He has replaced his eternal substitute, well, Manolin, a brilliant extreme who has spent 12 years in his shadow.

The real dates are: zubialan, goretti, Martinez, omechea, sagasta, Lema, uresti, arzak, aregi, mendilus and borronate. Madrid and: junkera, Calpe, de Felipe, sanch í s, pirri, zoco, Miguel P é rez, amancio, Grosso, vel á zquez and Bueno. Good start, good terrain, a warm night in Madrid in September. Madrid, the last league champion, came from Sevilla’s 0-2 victory. Real, from 1-0 defeat of artoca to sea bridge eating it. Victory is short, but prestige.

The game started with Madrid’s attack on the wall, but within eight minutes, a ball from the area rebounded from a pile of legs, which was straightforward for the 1-0 amancio. Real Madrid didn’t open the door, they went back to the field again and again, looking for cracks that didn’t appear. Bellasquiz, pirli and Grosso, they played well in Madrid. Sanchi supported their band, and the top three practiced their dribbling over and over again. But nothing happened before 42 feet. One of Sanchi’s diagonal centers is Piri’s head, with his back in the middle, above zubialan. 2-0。 Then, surprisingly, the royal family opens the door and looks for a match from you. In front of the venue, you can see all the splendor of Madrid. In these 45 minutes, it will be an unforgettable exhibition. In the 52 foot race, Bueno led 3-0. At 55 ‘, amancio was overtaken by an open space of zoko, and Miguel Peres took the lead. Miguel Peres took the lead 4-0.

Best of all: bellasquitz scored three goals at 56, 64 and 73 feet, almost exactly the same: through lane 10, its natural territory, and reached the area perfectly and smoothly (a real hat trick). The Englishman has created a way of expression. He has scored three goals in a row, and none of them has been exchanged, either by his teammates or opponents.

Royal insisted, and in the end mendilus scored at 75 feet. 7-1。 But Piri will still score 77 points, 89 points penalty to end amancio. Nine goals, really, I’ve never seen them. In the second part, the seven opponents of Duluth will be remembered as the highest work of Madrid ye ye, who has so dignified replaced the monster generation.

Benito DIAS, Benito’s old uncle, in Barnabas, they asked him what the royal family looked like. “In uniform,” he said. Elizondo commented that he had never played such a game in his 15 years at Real Madrid: “it’s not a real game, the kids are cowards.” In Madrid, there was no time to celebrate. As soon as they had taken a bath, they returned to the concentration camp in navacerado, because the next day they would fly to Amsterdam to visit Ajax.

Behind him, the myth of locks turned to ashes.