Nacho, An Efficient Cantrano Who Has Never Been Involved In A Strategic Plan

2021-02-28   |   by CusiGO

Four seasons ago, Nacho saw Real Madrid sell Jesus Vallejo, a young man with one and two years of experience in the German League, to the first team after Pepe left. However, on both courses, Zaragoza did not play 20 games. As a result, the club doubled its bets in 2019, ranked it as the third-largest center, and aspired to play a bigger role in edle Milito, the most expensive defender in its history: 50 million. So far, the result has been this: the Brazilian has hardly linked two consecutive injuries to his distrust of Zidane. The first found himself succumbing to the grenade, and the second began to digest like disappointment.

In the past few years, there has been no more reliable choice than Nacho, who has never appeared in any strategic plan, but who almost always fills in the blanks. Also in the championship final. The accumulation of injuries and the relegation of Milito, who beat him in rotation before he was injured, once again pushed cantrano to Italy from his darkest season, where he was looking for the regularity of 30 years and two contract seasons, which never warmed him up. But kavagar’s physical problems prevented him from leaving, and the course has earned 14 degrees, twice as many as in the past. In addition, Monday’s match against real society (21:00, Movistar laliga) will be their record for six consecutive appearances in 11 games. Grain by grain, he made a barn.

Zidane landed in Bergamo on Tuesday with five quarry children on board. They asked Zidane if it was possible for a Castilian footballer to settle in among the first players without leaving. “It’s difficult for them to play in Madrid. But it can happen, “he said, throwing it in the air like an appeal. “That’s why so many people leave and come back,” added the Frenchman, who led the subsidiary’s activities for a year and a half between 2014 and 2016. It’s also related to discussions within the club about coaches managing young people, especially those who have left a lot of money behind.

Therefore, in the eyes of Qizu, Nacho is an atypical example, a player he has met with Miley made by the club himself. Since he was 11 years old, he took a test with 40 other children and knew nothing but Madrid. The virtues of living in such a complex bubble add up. He made up all his breaks defensively, but because of his natural center position, he has 25 players in this century. After the “wall” collapsed and was replaced in the case of complete collapse, they broke into crying stonemasons, and millions of people were washed away, but he always resisted in silence and obedience. In the past 20 years, only references such as iron, Sanchez, Ramos, hergra, varan and Pepe have exceeded nine seasons and 216 games. If he sticks to it, his dream, still far away, is to become a rare person for a club, those who made t-shirts for the whole game. The last target, Sanchi.

“He has left several times, but in the end, because of his will, family problems, comfort or serenity, he chose to stay,” they said in Madrid. “Nacho has always been valued in this house. If he plays more, the reason is obvious: they’ve never had so many injuries on the same line at the same time. He realized that, “they warned.

Because of his convincing performance against Inter at San Siro, without the protection of Ramos, he stopped Lukaku and triggered a penalty shoot out, Nacho’s offer rebounded. Last Wednesday, in addition to surviving the Atlanta game unscathed, he created one of the few obvious opportunities for the team. After the captain fell, varan and he succeeded on the last dam before kutoys. They all have the soul of crutches: everyone’s cantrano and the Frenchman as the world champion, Captain, his absence made him suffer a great punishment. Now, you both stand on the fort.

French technicians always regard him as one of his soldiers, who, in his words, have won him so much. While Zidane sought refuge from veterans, Nacho was resurrected from his corner, harming the interests of other billionaires.