Kenko Suzuki, The First Person Born Outside Africa, Dropped From 2-Hour-05 Meters In The Marathon

2021-02-28   |   by CusiGO

Kengo Suzuki of Japan broke Japan’s new national record on Sunday with a score of 2:04:56, becoming the first athlete born outside Africa. He completed a marathon in less than two hours and five minutes. Suzuki replaced Suguru OSAKO as a super polo player with a pair of new Nike sports shoes. In the past five minutes, he has lowered his personal grade because he has never dropped from 2:10 before.

The top eight runners of Japan’s oldest Lake Biwa marathon have stood out from their 2-hour 08 meter results, all of which are their personal achievements. Hidekazu hijikata, 23, came second at 2:06:26, while Kyohei Hosoya, 25, came third at 2:06:35. Both took part in the second marathon. Outside the fourth podium, Hiroto Inoue, the test winner of the 2018 Asian Games, began to take the lead and ended at 2:06:47.

Suzuki, 25, took the lead at 36km and successfully broke the national record of 2:05:29 set by Suguru OSAKO of Japan in the Tokyo Marathon in March 2020. “I didn’t expect such weather. “I’m more surprised than anyone else,” Suzuki said at the end of the competition, adding that in a statement collected by NHK public television, he was happy to set up the brand in the latest version.

So far, the Japanese personal record is 20:21. Suzuki finished seventh in the national qualifiers for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and lost the trials. The player regretted missing the Games due to start in July next year, but said he was changing his mind for the Paris Olympics. “I’ve been having a good time. Training. I want to continue like this, “he pointed out. The Pipa Lake marathon can be traced back to 1946. It is the oldest marathon in Japan. The 76th is the last one after the decision to combine it with Osaka marathon in 2022.