Juanmi Ended The Cadiz Project

2021-02-28   |   by CusiGO

It took Betis a whole world to finish the Cadiz project. But motivation is motivation and Pellegrini’s team is going all out. In the 84th minute, one of Emerson’s big centers gave Juan mi the lead, which gave the green man three basic points. Cadiz fought so much on defense that he was surprised by a clever move of Betis. Hu ended the game with his soul, and his team showed his form in 2021, where he lost only one of nine games, six victories (three in a row) and two draws confirmed that he was a clear European aspirant. On the other hand, Cadiz showed good defensive ability, which made him out of the relegation, but his bets were very complicated. An opponent’s strike or inattention can be costly. However, Cadiz is an outstanding team, competing with the weapons in hand. In front of Betis, he defended very well, 84 minutes, until Hu Anmi headed the goal. Yes, there have been seven games you don’t know win (five wins and two draws). Down to three.

Sevilla must be very persuasive in the dressing room. Only in this way can we understand that a group of excellent players can perfectly carry out the orders of their technicians, and these orders do not leave any room for their players to enjoy. In order to enjoy, there is nothing better than a good result, you have to think about beer. The coach, just like he did in the Nou Camp game against Barcelona, in order to get a good score, he played a game against Betis in an intensive retreat to defeat the opponent in the counterattack. Pellegrini already knows that and he must have thought it was a bad day for the injured fakir. The conflict of styles is obvious. Betis should have got the ball by a landslide in Cadiz’s defensive system. Two absolutely effective ways to play football. The rest is about taste.

Betis, the absolute master of the ball, does not have the necessary imagination to break the framework of Cadiz. Their first attempt was to throw two goals from outside the penalty areas of Guido and Victor Ruiz, and Ledesma quickly drove them away. Betis fired with a blank bullet. Lainez and aitor rubial could not enter through gangs; canal snails had little positive impact, and Loren was a real shipwrecker. In the meantime, the Cadiz are doing their thing. Defend yourself in a great way and wait in Betis’s anxiety and rush. In a direct football match, Cadiz made a huge profit, Negredo was almost unprecedented, he combed a ball for Victor Ruiz, let him sleep, and Ruben suberno stayed in this dangerous area. Robles saved Betis. Without fakir’s talent, Cadiz’s goal advantage will be an insurmountable wall for Pellegrini’s current performance.

The script is repeated for the second time. Cadiz felt safe before Betis could hurt him, and Pellegrini sat on the bench with tickets from Joaquin, tyro and juanmi. Belligerent rule is an insult. He didn’t cause too much danger, but he was patient and didn’t have any trouble at the back. Only in a beautiful shot outside the penalty area could he get Ledesma into trouble. Cadiz’s bolt jumped in the 84th minute. When the political parties are so close, strategy is a good resource. In a clever way, Joaquin played a foul on the side in the defense of Cadiz. Emerson built a high quality center in the area. Bitiko power plant dragged the first stick to the defense line of Cadiz, and juanmi appeared under the opposition of forward sapengjic. The Malaga man ended up with a soul, and Betis scored three points in front of an opponent who had no answer. This time, Sevilla’s plan failed.