Grenades Can Handle Everything

2021-02-28   |   by CusiGO

Granada has a brain, heart, soul, self love and a versatile team. Around their leader and coach, Diego Martinez, he promotes and guides them to success. He can’t justify the stressful schedule, which makes them lose strength on the way forward. Facing a restrained Elche, he didn’t win in six days, and he won again. He put in a commendable effort and pain until, in the end, Rui Costa avoided the draw at the last breath. Goals from quina and Antonio Puertas left Lucas Boyer with nothing in Nino’s 800 professional games.

Granada’s history will come to an end at the end of this season, his success in Europe and his promotion to the last eight after the elimination of Napoli. In front of Elche, Diego Martinez did his best to score 11 points in the absence. This shortage provides an opportunity for footballers such as Domingo quina, who leaned out of the ilicitana area in half an hour and cut a left-handed with his right hand to avoid Edgar Badia. The second goal came a week after Hughes scored.

Nothing happened before that. At the new carmennes, Elche has a unique opportunity to leave the relegation station, and his mood is renewed with the return of Fran’s letter to the bench. But the whole Frankie Verde has not experienced a great transformation. It is organized, and in its purpose, it stipulates that political parties negotiate before waiting for an isolated action or a successful strike.

But it was quina’s goal that led Elche to equalise 10 minutes later. Lucas Boyer catches the ball in Nazareth, guides a ball from the sky with his chest, and uses the passivity of the center forward to cross the goal to the bottom of Rui Silva’s right back.

Elche has two former tanks, Lucas boy é and Guido Carrillo, and doesn’t have much fun in the preparation process. Illicitano’s plan makes Grenada feel uneasy. Grenada has not yet fully found its own collective. Individuals can find a solution in Fede Vico’s action. Fede Vico’s action is suspended by an eternal cat, Edgar Badia.

The scribe searched for depth at the entrance to rigoni. The Argentinian had to withdraw from the game after a muscle injury two minutes after joining the army. Ilisitano’s confusion was caught by a grenade. He scored the second goal, which was a great combination. On Sunday, Duarte passed the ball to Jorge Molina, who gave it to foulquier’s game, whose pass was shot into the center of the penalty area by Antonio Puertas. More than a month ago