Competitive Endurance

2021-02-28   |   by CusiGO

In the recent competition pressure and pressure, Atletico in Villa – real had a wonderful game. He’s a surgical leader, scoring two goals in the few cases where he can stretch. And zero the goal. The win has put a lot of pressure on Madrid, which will play against real society on Monday, as well as on the Rossoneri who will watch the Derby next Sunday.

After Bucharest’s 1-0 defeat to Chelsea, Simone chose the same 11 men, with the exception of Joe Felix, to make room for Vlajko. This is another failure, which damages the continuity of Rousseau on the 11th. Emory fell at the last minute because of muscular strain. The disaster forced him to focus on Gerrard Moreno and put him on the right wing of chuquetz’s attack. Villarreal was cleaner and prettier at the start of the game, catching the ball as Atletico tried to adjust. What looked like three centers at first became four lines. That includes Marcos Lorente and Luis Suarez as forwards, cork and sol in the middle, Lemar on the left and Correa on the right.

This new rule puts a more stable athlete in trouble, and he doesn’t undermine trigueros and Parejo’s efforts to speed up the cycle. Everything died in the vicinity of orbrak, Atletico in the way of simonga Fabry and Descartes. He squatted in his own field, waiting for an opponent to release. When he stretched for the first time, he punished Villarreal for a bad Gang exit. He made his first appearance in Atletico and was eventually defeated by Sol’s left handers. He put Lemar on the second stick and pulled him off savage’s head. Arsenho’s shot rebounded at Pedraza and eventually crossed the goal line. The assistant, who points out the offside, is corrected by the VaR after a long review and subsequent review on the screen.

Atletico suddenly took the lead. He continued to immerse himself in his containment plan, only to feel uneasy about chuquetz’s attempt to break through with overwhelming speed. When the leader was able to stretch again, he leaned on Marcos Lorent’s leg. He installed the engine on some irreparable pipes to oxygenate his equipment. A gloved winger prefers to control her with his right foot, Gerard Moreno, who tries to grab the boat, throw himself on the board and push her with his head. Obrak hit picurdo’s goal, and Kirk and Saul stopped the ball from entering the goal.

At the end of the second quarter, Lemar’s left knee was replaced by Joe Felix. The movement of chips also means five points, with Saul at left back and four points behind Luis Suarez. In the Quartet behind charua, Joe Felix is also on the left. Villarreal was found by his teammates in the cycle of nuclear balls, and he was replaced by a player who is now more ambitious and more controlling. Emery’s reaction was to get estapinian and bacca, speed and technique, back to the area where he controlled the game. Baka slapped obrak in the face, and a string of corner kicks knocked the leader unconscious. Until it can project to the vrsaljko exit on the right. His centre forward saved him from mal Paul Torres and threw him in front of Joao Felix. The Portuguese’s right cross is loud. He closed his mouth to celebrate, describing a player who felt pointed out.

Two disadvantageous goals did not disappoint Villarreal. Gerrard Moreno, who has been liberated from the shackles of attack, has begun to create competition and confusion in Atletico’s defense. Chiukuze became sharper. They put the people of Simeon on their territory. The local siege was capitalized by Alex Benner with two collection whips, the first to crush the right wing of obrak. The second goal allowed him to surpass the goal of Slovenia, ending his eight game winning streak.