Wales Beat England

2021-02-27   |   by CusiGO

The seconds of Millennium Cardiff run out, and the last British garrison fell. Cory Hill’s final rehearsal is just around the corner. He beat England and has no choice but to win the championship again in a six nation claim to Welsh sovereignty. In the first two days of the competition, the unlikely leader beat his opponents and they won their place in the sevenhower Derby. Only France, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, had to postpone the match with Scotland before it became an opponent.

When England came to Cardiff, discipline was an open challenge; there were three fouls in the first four minutes and it was clear that they didn’t do their homework. After England’s fifth penalty, Dan bigar played a ball in the downhill game of Wales. On the 10th, he quickly went out and kicked to the left, making Josh Adams absent for the first two days after breaking the anti kvid agreement. He put the oval in his pocket and rehearsed in front of the surprising British backwardness. His captain, Owen Farrell, in an unusual scene of a rugby game, replied forcefully to the student, “you have to give us time to cheer up! “,

Although the start is not good, but the British always have the energy of ITO pill. He looked forward to Kieran Hardy’s kick and stopped her on the spot. Defender Liam williams came to save itojie and let his teammates’ heart beat again. The 15-year-old Welshman brings the joy of one marker area to another. Reese Zammit wanted to wrap up the assists, but the ball missed, he didn’t back up, so there was no foul. Then the oval hit Henry Slade in the English leg and pushed him into Williams’ hand, despite Farrell’s hard hitting practice. A few seconds later, the stick put bigg’s leg in. Fortune square.

Only half an hour later, England returned to the offensive argument. They improve the rhythm and strike power of the forward, the good dribbler. In these games, the tough Jamie George enters the open space to help Anthony Watson rehearse. The Welsh team was surprised that they almost turned the game into a turning point when the local defence stopped the game offside at the end of the game. So he finished the first part of a great rugby game (17-14).

He didn’t learn a lesson from the quick serve after No. 15 crossed the dressing room. This time it was Hardy, who grabbed a penalty with his hand; the British defence had to step back quickly – the player could not be fouled within the next 10 meters – but the nine Welshmen found the motorway to the rehearsal. Over ten.

He noticed that England would give Wales their own medicine. The language of the meeting was English, and at the risk of the game, Billy vunipola returned to a recognizable version. Ben youngs likes to release the ball so that he can leave it on his own and hit it between the five meter lines. No one expected that; few media are more religious than young people. So he rehearsed. Last minute table. The last act begins.

At the most tense moment, he answered bravely with Welsh people: three British field trips, nine points, Karen hiddy replaced bigal, and showed himself accurately with his feet. The British transgression came back at the worst: after itoje was offside, Geng rushed into Ruk (the conquest phase), and Jules shot down Moore’s platform from the side. Fouls over and over again. A quarter of an hour as an example of a rigid choice to leave his throne.