Pike: “Of Course There Are Alliances.”

2021-02-27   |   by CusiGO

Gerrard pique was happier than ever when he faced the microphone when he had to face it after the team’s bad performance. “It was a pleasant conversation today,” he said, confirming that his departure from the pitch was not due to a new injury, but because he decided to adjust his playing time after an important knee injury. Barcelona are now second with 53 points, behind Atletico Madrid, which has 55 points and two games less. “I’m very happy and proud of our game today. What we have done is commendable.

“Recently I have said in a very painful way that I can only say that I am proud of this team. We come from games like PSG and Cadiz. From the second game against Elche, we proved that we are still alive. “It’s been a long season,” pique clarified, when he was asked if there was still a chance to win for Barcelona, who won their seventh away game: “League? There are alliances, of course. Worse. As long as mathematics doesn’t say the opposite, there will be alliances. ”

Barcelona beat ligura for the seventh time in a row in Sevilla. Interestingly, they scored more goals at the Nou Camp (13) than they did away (9). “It’s a good meeting. “We managed to get a team like Sevilla to beat us on such a complicated pitch (lopegi’s team scored four points in two of the three teams),” pique stressed. “I’ve been in Barcelona for 14 years and it’s all in my head. The Catalan defender said: “in this period of time, we have experienced such an injury moment. No matter who plays, we will solve it together. If we turn things around on Wednesday (after Sevilla lost 2-0 to Sevilla in the semi-final), the whole season will change because it is a final. “Our job is to win for Barcelona,” the centre forward concluded. Barcelona have confirmed Petrie has left the game with a muscle injury to his right calf and are waiting for a test on whether he will be available on Wednesday.

“I’ve changed the system and looked for the best for the team,” said Ronald Koeman, who admitted Barcelona have completed one of the most complete games of the season. “For me, it’s the best game we’ve ever played. For a very strong opponent, it’s a very complete game, we can control the game with and without the ball. For me, the best thing is our game without the ball, “said Koeman.

“I don’t want to talk about the importance of Wednesday’s game. Today’s game is very important because Barcelona have to win a lot of games and win, “said the Barcelona coach. “The important thing is that we can’t score because we always have opportunities in the game,” added Koeman, who finally praised Electrolux’s playing time: “he’s very important both with and without the ball. It’s a highlight of a player when he was young.”

“I don’t think we did what we had to do, and then any team, especially Barcelona, complicated us. We didn’t attack, they played comfortably. We played a bad game and we were angry, but we had to focus all our energy on Wednesday, “Jordan said. Similarly, Julian lopeggi made it clear when analyzing the defeat:” we lost, we deserved it. The opponent has surpassed us