Osasuna Made A Mess Of Aravis.

2021-02-27   |   by CusiGO

Rob, pass, pass, foul, header, game, goalkeeper pass, rob, pass, start over. So dozens of times, a boring, repetitive, unattractive sequence. The match between El Alaves and Osasuna won’t go into the football encyclopedia, it will only go into laliga’s statistical yearbook. Accurate figures cover up the reality, only in this way, better.

This is not to watch every match in Brazil in 1970, or to watch the best Barcelona in Guardiola, or an opera. No matter how well you sing, if you go to the performance every day, you will be tired in the end. It is not to inject a little inspiration into this event, not just sweat. A supermarket’s cabbage will also sweat, No one pays for a seat, or in this football limited subscription payment channel.

Even the referee didn’t come forward to let the team speed up or cruise. It’s the city guard who whistles to direct the traffic. The typical “go on, go on” becomes “stop, stop.”. He never raised the game to the next level, but to the first level, beginners. Only one of the two teams can score. It was a chaotic move. Budemir scored, Pacheco scored, lejon headed over the goal line, Carelli scored, LaGuardia’s chest cleared, everything was chaotic.

At the beginning of the second half, Alves seemed serious, but he was only joking. The kick-off lasted a long time and the referee made several fouls. Alberto’s first recipe in Victoria was as successful as Coca Cola, but it didn’t work. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have the wickers that make him successful.

Of course, Osasuna is valuable for what happened. He’s just looking for a chance. He’s very satisfied with Alves’ proposal, so after a few minutes of steals, passes, misses, header, game, goalkeeper passes, steals, passes and starts again, he scores. Once again, in a bad move that only the center can blame. Two defenders and a forward failed to make a jump shot, and the ball fell on Baja, who passed by and hit Pacheco’s body; the goalkeeper’s bounce fell on Osasuna’s players, and the ball slipped down, stuck to the post, and no one could pull it out.

In a lying match, Alves got into trouble. Osasuna has made great progress, at least in qualifying, not football. We’ll talk about it another day.