I Don’T Know Football. I’M The Manager

2021-02-27   |   by CusiGO

The ceramic stadium is located in the center of villa real, which is a landmark building. Streets that are empty because of confinement will only enhance their yellow armor and representational value to more than 50000 residents. This modest club with a history of nearly 100 years has become part of the football elite. The creator of this miracle is Fernando LuiG Alfonso (73 years old, Valencia new Pueblo). For 23 years, he has been its owner and chairman. Vicente del forest started his career in El Castell รณ N and then in Segundo, 7km from Vila Real. When Fernando roeger shakes hands in the comfortable box of the stadium, his past becomes the present.

From the woods. I have good memories of the whole area. I’ll never forget that the fishermen went fishing at 5 a.m. and their voices awakened the whole community. He lives in greo. It’s been a long time, you may not remember, but I played in castron for two years and was loaned by Madrid. When I was 20 years old…

Fernando Rogge. You were in the 1973 Cup final. This is a major event for the province. I’m in my 20s, but I’ve started playing football. My father is a subscriber to Valencia, Levant and castron.

D. As a person who knows the football history of the province, I always want to know how you came up with the idea of taking over Villarreal. In a few years, he will be 25 years old. No one has been on the Spanish football team for such a long time at the moment because it is a double responsibility.

F. R. we are obsessed with this family football tradition. We arrived in May 1997 and won the first place in compost bin Laden on May 24, 1998. We thought we invented football and we came down the next year. In the first lap, we got 24 points. We thought that in the second one, we could make another 24 so that we could be saved, but we only added 12 and got down. In game 14, we beat Barcelona 1-3 at the Nou Camp and at the end of that game we drew 19 points.

How did you come up with the idea of buying a club?

F. Here I am. Here’s a president who has endured a lot, Pasqual Fonte de Mora. The kids wanted to sell it, so we went in. When I took this step, I had thought of what I wanted to do. Nothing is improvised. Man, it’s a bit of a coincidence that we won the first place in our first year. We’re very lucky. We plan to be promoted in two or three years. There are many hobbies in villa real and the stadium is very small. This is where we are now. We’ve been reinventing it every summer for years. Now there are 25000.

When you buy a club, there are always people who want to sign great players. You do, but you take care of the quarry, too. Palermo, Riquelme, senna are here… But you never ignore the following.

F. And then there’s cleovianu, SOLIN, Fran, he’s in the golden boots with us, Santi kazola, senna, the draft starts. When we arrived, the team had no place to train. He borrowed it from a factory, or he’s here. My obsession is to have my own training camp. We did it the next year. Then we built the first sports city, and now it’s the second. We fight for the quarry. It’s true

D. I have a picture in my mind of Villarreal falling to second place for the last time. You’re still on the grass, with logical pain, and your brother John comes up to you and gives you a hug. A few days later, you say you have to cut the budget, but the quarry won’t cut anything.

F. R. is what we have to do. I like watching football games. We sold the players, balanced the budget, and the quarry didn’t touch anything. It’s a double demotion because he’s a drag on the team and we’re still trying to get him up from B to B. It’s important to develop players for the first team at any level.

Football is so unique, maybe everything you foresee in the company is good, but in football, the result is different.

F. R. the difference is that in palmesa, I am the owner, executive and commander, but in Villarreal, I am an executive who is not considered the owner. The owners are them, 1800030000 yellow amateurs. I have to be a good manager. I believe in how everyone feels. What we need to do is to do it well and maintain economic balance. When we came down, I sold my property, put it here and took all the debt. Today, Villarreal is a healthy club with no debt and a high budget for the city. We are laliga’s seventh budget [117 million].

D. You also have a virtue, that is, there are few people around you, but they are good.

F. Before, Jose Manuel raneza was the CEO, now the vice president. Now my son Fernando is CEO and decision maker. I don’t know football, but I like it very much. Who made the final decision? Everyone else supported it.

D. Do you have any model club you want to be?

F. R. we want to grow up and down to where we are today. We’ve signed some great players, but we’re signing less and less and they’re signing more and more. There are eleven people in every game. We have five, six or seven. This season we only play with players from the national team.

Your coach list is also very good. Kaparos, Marcelino, now Emory… Kaleja, something strange happened. He went and went.

No, he didn’t go. We threw him away. We threw him away. We went the wrong way and I decided to let him come back. I was criticized for kicking him out, but we did it for a good year and then another good year. We signed Pellegrini, who nobody knows in Europe, and then he was signed by Real Madrid, who paid for the deal [4 million euros]. We have a coach. When we renewed his contract for the first time, we introduced him to the new contract and he said he just wanted to change two words with the previous one. Where he put us dollars, we have to put euro, where he said Brutus, we have to put net. We signed it. He’s our runner up.

If you have a clear goal, what else do you have to do?

It’s very difficult to improve football. Everyone tells us that Villarreal needs a champion, but our champion is in the first place every year. Our goals this season give us a lot of confidence. It gives us what comes first, which is very, very, very complicated. If we go to the championship, OK; if we go to the European Union, ok…

D. By 2023, you will be Villarreal’s 25-year-old leader… There are only three presidents left in our football history: Santiago Bernabeu, 35, and Augusto Cesar rentoro, 25, and Francisco Rubio. It doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves. We are talking about a city with only 50000 residents.

F. We are proud of ourselves. We built this model stadium and all Villarreal paid for it. It’s the property of the village. Our mayor is the smartest in Spain. It’s all his. He hasn’t made up his mind yet. He’s happy, and so am I.

D. B. does Villarreal’s Roig project have a due date? Does it take a lot of time?

No, I always say the weekend is pamesa’s and the weekend is Villarreal’s. I’m not going to retire. We’re going to turn down the activities, but I’m still the adopted son of the town. It’s the pride of what we do. Even if we were in second place, I never had any problems. People love me and I think we’re doing well. Villa real is famous for football today

D. I want to comment on an issue that is not entirely about sports, but I think we should all see that. I’m very sensitive about this because I have a disabled child, Alvaro, and they told me that you have a disabled brother who died a few months ago and that all the brothers were with him.

Yes, Alfonso Rogge Alfonso. Kapika is the only one born in a hospital. We are all born at home. He has an umbilical cord problem, and his brain lacks irrigation. He lived with my parents until they died, and we set up a foundation for him (the Roig Alfonso Foundation), which will continue to operate. We turned our farmhouse into a home for him and other troubled children. We have provided them with doctors, nurses, educators and a seminar to enable them to work. We also work with many centres in the Valencia community. We work for more than 700 children and my brother Juan mercadona, and I’m proud of that. We go to see him every week. He had a good time. He died happily.