Dynamo Villarreal And Granada Molde Finished Eighth In The European League

2021-02-26   |   by CusiGO

The draw in the top 8 of the European league made the match between Dynamo Kiev, Villarreal and Granada difficult. It can be inferred that the two Spanish teams were lucky in the draw because they avoided facing the great classics of European football, such as Manchester United, Milan, Rome or Arsenal. Especially lucky is Granada. After the elimination of Napoli, they will meet at molde stadium. This is a Norwegian team with European tradition, but it is acceptable in the team under the management of Diego Martinez. Villarreal will face a stronger team, such as Dynamo Kiev, who finished second in the Champions League.

The quarter finals left behind a playoff star like Manchester United and Milan. The remaining games are: Ajax youth team; Rome shahta; Olympiakos arsenal; Zagreb Tottenham Dinamo; Prague Ranger Slavia.

The competition will be held on March 11 and 18. The first team to leave will play the first game at home, so Villarreal will first go to Ukraine and then accept dynamo, while Granada will play the first game in carmenez and then go to Norway without the restriction of coronavirus epidemic.