Coleman, In Front Of The Blue Mirror

2021-02-26   |   by CusiGO

They said the third game was victory, and that’s what happened to Ronald Koeman, who came to the Nou Camp twice before. As we all know, the current president, Josep Maria bartomeu, had been eager to sign Harvey when he fired balvid two Christmas ago, but he also tried to persuade Koman to return to the Nou Camp. It didn’t work because the technician bet for Holland until the end of a European Cup and then didn’t hold because of the pandemic, while Quek seting came out the back door after Bayern beat Europe 8-2. Then, Coleman came. But this is the third attempt, as it turns out that in the previous election in 2015, Agusti benedito reached an agreement with the Dutchman in Southampton at the time through an intermediary authorized to travel to the UK for negotiations. But benedito got in the way and didn’t hear anything. With the passage of time, few people doubt that he is the ideal coach for Barcelona in the transition period, because he acts more like a club technician than a team, even though the whole team is lost in Europe (1-4 vs. PSG), Away from the cup (2-0 loss to Sevilla) and fighting for this afternoon’s Premier League match against Sevilla in Neville, he will duel again with Capello on Wednesday. Some former Dutch colleagues and figures from Azul grana’s environment analyzed his image.

The guardian of style. “After talking to him for a few minutes, we realized that we didn’t need to insist; we believed in Barcelona’s philosophy,” they said in sports. Lorenzo Serra Ferrer also went through a very complicated period when he was in charge of the team in 2000. He said very clearly: “Ronald has an advantage. He developed with Cruyff in Barcelona and tried to extend the idea.” Pitu Abelardo has a similar view. He is now a technician of Alves and a teammate of Koeman in Barcelona: “he keeps the ball, the position of the game, the pressure after losing… But you have to be patient because the players have been away for some time.” Charlie Rexach, Cruyff’s assistant, agrees: “he tried to stick to the same game and philosophy, but in some games he didn’t perform well because they weren’t former players.” More importantly, Mikel Angel Nadal also agrees with Ronald: “he has made progress in the game, but he has not reached the expected level, which proves that in front of PSG.” Oriol Romeu, a legendary Southampton player who played for Koeman, went further: “I like his performance at Barcelona, but he put too much emphasis on the ball control. Now the opponent is defending well in the interior and the corridor is blocked. I think he lacks a little bit of verticality and unless Messi breaks the line, he is not in danger “He needs a little less ball control and more verticality and to finish the game at the same time,” Rex said

Tactical adaptation. When he came to the club, Koeman made a 4-2-3-1 bet on the player’s profile, which was later changed to 4-3-3, because the rising youth were more satisfied with Marcia’s model. “When Romario came, we changed our game because we had a reference on it when Salinas and Rodriguez appeared. That’s why he came up with the system because coaches depend on the players, “abrado said. “It’s not easy to play with 4-3-3 on the other side’s court because there is very little space and you have to make decisions too quickly. The team is still young, it’s a matter of continuous improvement in this area. However, Serra Ferrer subtracts capital from the painting: “in Barcelona, the system is a nuance, because its style is so outstanding that it will never deviate from the idea.” “The game is marked and you can use any system,” Nadal said Romeu pointed out: “Ronald is not very meticulous on tactical issues. This is sometimes a disadvantage, although for a big dressing room, I prefer a coach, so a more detailed one

Be strong in adversity. No chairman, no money, Koeman is Barcelona’s oasis, coach and spokesman. But it doesn’t seem to upset him. He’s surrounded by sports, loved by fans – his goals at the first European Cup in 1992 will always be there – and he’s respected in the dressing room. “It’s a sense of loneliness, it’s fighting the storm,” says Cera Ferrer “It was a bad moment because Rijkaard, PEP, Louis Enrique and walwade all won. “But it’s a lot more complicated now and he’s not doing well because he knows where he is,” Rex thought. Nadal agreed: “Ronald knows the club, he has personality, background and judgment. It’s not the best time, but maybe it’s the best time because of his personality. ” This sentence makes Romeo even more praise: “he will not shake his pulse, change a player to midfield, and reward those who deserve it. That’s the key because it’s hard to satisfy all the players

Fashion Manager Sometimes it dries up, but Koman is straightforward. “They respect him because he knows what it’s like to have a star in the dressing room, because he lives like this, because he makes people understand that not everyone can play,” Rex revealed. That’s what Romeo thought: “he said very little, but he said what was necessary.” “I’ve been with him for a year and he’s got a great personality,” abrado said. Now imagine. He has always been a leader who conveys good values and is very confident in what he wants to do. Besides, he is a good man and knows football well

Vote of confidence. Koeman is looking forward to his future, waiting for the arrival of a new president on March 7. “In my opinion, he is one of the most suitable people for this position, but I believe the result will decide the decision,” Nadal said. “He should move on, despite his lack of team cohesion and more continuity in the game,” said Cera Ferrer. “It contains the values of a good coach, a great leader, a great dressing room manager and maintains the philosophy… I hope I have been at Barcelona for many years! Abrado added. “He should stick to it and over time he can get his team and work,” Romeo added. “Of course, it has to go on, and in Barcelona, success has proved to be achieved in the continuity of ideas and people,” said apostila rehachi.