Valencia Beat Zenit And Squabbled To Get Into The Playoffs Of The European League.

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

Valencia snowballed through St. Petersburg and struggled to enter the European Union playoffs (62-91). Ponsano’s team beat Zenit to finish their third game in a row after beating CSKA and Real Madrid. Duberjevich (19 points), kalinik (12 points and 10 rebounds) and Toby scored in the second game of the Museum (21-47), which was the best defense of the game.

Valencia, with the experience of Williams and kalinik, as well as the goals of dubljevich and prepellic, dominated the sible arena. Pangos tried to take the rhythm of the game away from van Rosen. Under the supervision of poyserres, he managed to temporarily correct Harvey Pasqual’s rhythm. But pangsano’s performance was convincing. Duberjevich won the game of gudetis (12 points in the first half), and talonia took the lead at half-time, feeling better than reta (41-44 points, 20 meters). By then, rebounding and four out of 12 points were Zenit’s main obstacles. Valencia strengthened the defense and became a strong team in the attack.

He moved Pascal to dublejevich. But Zenit failed to connect with Valencia’s Piot and deepened his ambivalence from the outside (4 out of 18, 6 out of 28). A triple tailor consolidated the confidence of the ponsano people and caused anxiety among the local people (43-54, M.26). Pascal’s team collapsed, and far from finding the answer. Van Rosen’s third foul is the only bad news for Valencia. Some visitors led 3-14, Zenit entered the goal line and counterattacked (48-62, 29 meters).

Whether it is a third of the Baron, or the outbreak of cowardice zenith, did not stop Valencia’s strong. Toby’s strong appearance gave taranja a a 30-year-old lead (56-86) and helped ponsano win an excellent victory. He had time to adjust his shirt to adapt to the game. In the eight days before the end of the regular season, only two wins made him stand out from the top of the table.