Out Of The Champions League

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

In this strange Champions League match, due to health restrictions, the stadium has no spectators, some games have to change the venue, the advantage of field factors seems to have disappeared. For the first time in the history of the game, seven of the eight singles games in this round have ended in the visiting team’s victory since the controversy in the eighth finals, except for one, Porto – Juve (2-1). Barcelona lost 4-1 to PSG, Sevilla lost 3-2 to Dortmund and Atletico Madrid lost 1-0 to Chelsea. Madrid beat Atlanta 0-1, Manchester City 0-2, Liverpool 0-2 and Bayern 1-4. A total of 18 visitors scored (2.25 per game) and 6 locals (0.75 per game).

Three of the four Spanish teams lost in the one-way. Barcelona were beaten by PSG with a beautiful goal in the Nou Camp last week. The next day, Haran scored two goals in Seville to bring Dortmund back to pew. On Tuesday, Atletico Madrid lost the game against Chelsea in Bucharest and he was forced to leave Wanda because of the popularity. The fourth disharmony is that Real Madrid, the only one to take part in the one-way game as a visiting team, defeated Atlanta in 1988 with Mendi’s goal.

The public’s support to turn the stadium into the key to the boiler on the great European night is no longer exercising its power. Covid-19 has a direct impact on the local people. If before the pandemic, 54% of the major leagues (Spain, Britain, Italy, Germany and France) scored after the ban, then 60% scored after the ban. In the Spanish League, the proportion rose from 53% to 60%.

In addition, due to the British government’s restrictions on flights from the UK, other countries also held several top eight competitions. In addition to Atletico’s exile to Bucharest to face Chelsea, Leipzig and Borussia menziegradbach tested Liverpool and Manchester City respectively in Budapest. The three duels ended in a victory for the British, who will be able to play again on their own court. Chelsea coach Thomas Tutcher admits it is “bad” for his opponents.

The only precedent similar to this year’s is the 2013-14 season, with six wins in the top eight singles. After losing at home, no team can catch up with the qualifiers.

Since they played the Champions League in their current form (1992-93), the local team has lost their first game in 75 qualifiers and only 5-6% of the games have passed. But in the past decade, there have been four such strikes. In 2011, inter beat Bayern 0-1 at San Siro and 2-3 at Munich. In the 2018-19 season, it was the most surprising one recently, with Manchester United beating PSG 0-2 1-3 in Paris, AJAX beating Madrid 1-2 in Amsterdam and Barnabas 1-4 in the same round. In that year’s semi-final, Tottenham lost 1-0 to Ajax in London and won 2-3 in a crazy game at the John Cruyff arena. The fifth game took place in the 1996 semi-final: Ajax lost 1-0 to Panathinaikos in Amsterdam and won 3-0 in Athens.