Jon Lam: “I Hope Tiger Woods Can Retire From St Andrews Bridge.”

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

Jon Lam is the year tiger woods became a professional. It was August 1996. Eight months later, at the 1997 masters, woods ushered in his first great era, which is coming to an end today. In a traffic accident on Tuesday, he suffered multiple fractures in his right leg, which plunged the myth into the abyss of retreat. Not only because of the injury itself, if all goes well, he can return to playing form after the game, but also because he has a medical record inconsistent with elite sports: a 45 year old patient had five back operations (the latest one) and five knee operations. It’s full of tailor’s bodies. Legend crumbling, golf world kneels in front of the 15 champions. In terms of how golf has changed all aspects of it (game itself, physical and mental preparation, media influence, profit statement, etc.), no athlete in the history of sports has changed a discipline more thoroughly than this. Today’s golfers, like the Lion King worshipped on the top of the mountain, pay homage to those who grow up watching and winning games. They should enjoy this rich era.

An example of the tiger factor is Kevin kisner. The 37 year old American golfer is the 34th in the world. Last month he admitted that he had not won any games. “Then why play? They asked him. He couldn’t be more honest: “because they gave me a lot of money and put me on the 20th.” Thanks to Tiger Woods. Dustin Johnson, the world’s number one, earned $58 million in tournaments and sponsorship alone. Jon Lam, second today, has added nearly $20 million in his five-year career. Basque golfers are also grateful for the tiger’s legacy, starting this Thursday at the WGC workday Championships of the 2021 First World Championships. “I was shocked. The first thing I think about is, just over a year ago, we lost Kobe Bryant. We can thank the tiger for being with us. I hope he can come out of this. I don’t necessarily want to see him play again. I hope he can live a normal and healthy life. He gave too much for the sport, he did too much for us, and we remember Tiger Woods every day. It’s so influential that even if it doesn’t hit anymore, it will have a significant impact on golf, “said ram, 26.

Ram is an encyclopedia of golf. He knows his story like the back of his hand. He can recall seven laps in the British Open and hardly Miss Tiger Woods statistics. Along with tiger, he played in the Augusta masters and beat him in a personal duel at the Ryder Cup in Paris 2018 (he celebrated the last stroke enthusiastically and apologized to woods). Rahm Saint Andrews, who will host the 150th British Open in July 2022, said: “I hope I can get back on the court, Cross St Andrews bridge on the 18th and say goodbye in the right way as we all dream of.”. “I’d love to see him win again. But realistically, I just want you to live a healthy life. His body has gone through a lot in the past five years, and now this one. Trauma from an accident can affect other parts of the body… I just want you to get out of here and enjoy your life as a family father and golf ambassador. When he retires, I think he has done a lot for us, and I hope we can do something for him. ”

In sports, Rahm will take part in his fifth championship this year. Before that, he will win two seventh places (sentry tournament and Farmers Insurance open), thirteenth place (Phoenix open) and fifth place (Genesis Invitational). All of this is in the change of materials and brands, from Taylor to Callaway, which forces him to make some adjustments.

“I’m quite used to sticks. The ball reacts differently and I have to get used to it. In the long distance race, it is very similar to the ball I used before, but up to iron 8, maybe more on iron 9, with wedge, the ball is a little lower, the effect is better, and it gives me more changes on some approaching balls. 150 yards away, I lost to the best person on the track. The rest, I am equal. This is one of the reasons why I hope to improve in this area. Tyler Mulder’s ball flies well, just like Carraway’s, but by providing more effect, it gives me more options to hit. It responds differently. It’s a matter of gaming and testing. I believe I will be better in short games. It’s too early. I wish I had a very high roof