Alpine Skiing Year

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

Since the outbreak of the epidemic caused by the kvd-19 virus, almost all the sports that can be carried out outdoors or in the natural environment have increased substantially. Mountain sports, in particular, are no stranger to this incubation. This may be the year when mountain skiing will finally prosper… Only people who like mountain climbing very much, not everyone, They know exactly what it means to ski in the mountains. In Spain (as in other parts of the world), the development of this subject is so fast that its name is constantly changing: what was originally called cross-country skiing has evolved into mountain skiing or skiing mountaineering, and the international language has summarized and popularized it It’s like Skinner.

Whatever its name, the profession has a history of more than a century, and it usually originated in northern Europe: in order to walk on snow slopes, people began to use animal fur such as seals, whose short hair is attached to the skis, so that it can slide up the slopes without sliding. This allows it to move along the snowy mantle without sinking and significantly expand its radius of motion. Today, skiing is not only a competitive sport, but also a way to connect with mountain areas in winter. It is an activity that combines skiing with mountaineering. If mechanical skis are used in ski resorts to overcome slopes and enjoy downhill skiing, mountain skiing does not need to look for the infrastructure to feel like climbing. With the closure of many ski resorts, many skiers turn to mountain skiing so that they don’t spend the winter without skiing.

Pere Petit, head of dynastar Lange in Spain, recalled that in the past six to eight years, there was a trend in Spain and Europe, that is, the annual growth rate of mountain skiing brands was 10-15%: “in the same period, alpine skiing has not increased or even decreased for many years. Mountain skiing is growing steadily, and with the spread of the epidemic, it’s getting worse: I talked to the major players in the industry, who admitted that the demand has increased a lot this year, with the number of people increasing by 50% over last year, This is a good year, but it must be clear that compared with alpine skiing, these numbers are very small. Alpine skiing obviously has a larger group of followers, because alpine skiing requires good physical and technical form, understanding of the mountain world, and it is a sport that children do not participate in. ”

Mountain skiing is not only developed because of the inability to move or close ski resorts. According to Pere Petit, alpine skiing (in seasonal skiing) has the social connotation of tourism. Historically, it has been regarded as an elite sport and has lost this point among young people: skiing is no longer as popular as I was when I was young, and it is no longer an ideal sport. Young people are interested in other activities. Now there are more and more sports, more and more training, more and more skills. In this case, mountain skiing is very popular because it is more intense. The outdoor world is indeed developing, more and more inclined to meet the natural environment. But it’s worth noting that many people don’t want to know about the mountain, but want to ski around the station, get beaten, and then go down the slope: they are users from the alpine skiing community, not from mountain culture. One day, they climb a 1000 meter slope and then go down the slope. It also explains why it has become so big: traffic is easier than going up the mountain, trying to get on and off in the snow without stepping on it, freezing, scabbing or blowing wind: a lot of people can’t, “he analyzes.

Skiimo has increasingly deviated from its original idea: skiing trips, turning mountain huts into days of outings. “It’s no longer a way to walk in the mountains in winter, but now it’s evolved into two or three hours of travel: parking, getting on and off, strong people doing it twice. But they don’t just go climbing, spend a day, a few hours, eat what you bring. Now the focus is on accumulating positive imbalances and comfortable declines. “There’s also an increase in the use of device rentals or social networks, such as strava, where you set time and share routes,” explains Pere Petit.

By the way, some stations have been towed away, providing closed-circuit television for skimo, thus solving the need of traffic order at the stations and providing a business opportunity. In fact, people realize that there is a great need to not stay at home and go to nature or outdoor sports. In the summer, bike shops are unable to offer products due to the influx of new customers, and the same happens, although it is not so obvious for ski suppliers. Mountain skiing has experienced a similar fate: many manufacturers, new materials, ultra light equipment, free riding equipment, effective and attractive clothing and accessories… Not everyone remembers that kirian JONETTE is the best mountain skiing athlete in the history of the country and a world-class reference In the world of skimo, you can’t talk about the “kirian effect” as you know in mountaineering competitions, “according to Perry Petit,” because it’s not as easy as running: you need more materials, it’s expensive, you need snow, it’s a seasonal activity, you have to walk around, You have to understand the media… It’s a more challenging way. ”

Alvaro Ramos, the tour guide of Alta mountain, is pleased to note the rise of mountain skiing: “every year, more and more people start with tour guides, especially this year. If there is no liquidity restriction, the workload of tour guides will be exaggerated. It’s a technical activity, you need to know how to go up and down, but you also need to know about nivology, safety, mountaineering… That’s why our customers are looking for training. Many people who only practice skiing in season do so out of fear of the unknown.

When U.S. ski resorts closed at the beginning of the season, sales of skimo’s materials surged in the country. According to the American Ski Association, sales of skis increased 80%, while sales of accessories increased 150%. Black diamond, an American company, also confirmed its sales boom in Spain, as did haglefs, a Swedish company. If sales of camping, biking or hiking have grown dramatically in the summer, it’s skiing’s turn. “Boom,” says Pere Petit, “also because it’s a complementary activity for alpine skiers. Of course, some have left the station, but many have combined the two disciplines. “