Tiger Woods Broke His Right Leg In The Car Accident.

2021-02-24   |   by CusiGO

The sports world held its breath again for Tiger Woods. The 45 year old American golfer suffered a serious car accident near Los Angeles, California, and suffered a fracture in his right leg. He underwent emergency surgery on Tuesday. The legendary player has fractured his lower body and ankle and has to be operated on from the injured muscles. Mr. Woods had several serious orthopedic injuries to his leg during the operation. Some open comminuted fractures affecting the upper and lower parts of the tibia and fibula [in which the bone is broken into two or more fragments] have stabilized after a rod is inserted into the tibia. The rest of the foot and ankle injuries have been fixed with screws. “Leg muscle and soft tissue injuries also require the release of muscle coverings to reduce the pressure caused by swelling,” said anish Mahajan, port director of UCLA Medical Center.

The accident happened shortly before 7:15 a.m. in the town of Rancho Palos vides in Los Angeles County. Firefighters rescued woods from the overturned vehicle with a piece of vegetation far from the road he was driving on. He was then taken to the hospital by ambulance. Woods drives alone. The famous athlete’s permanent representative, Steinberg, issued a brief statement shortly after, “he is currently undergoing surgery,” said the agent, who asked for privacy and support.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office (LASD) said in a statement that they had to use “hydraulic rescue tools” to rescue golfers from their cars. “Tiger Woods’ injury does not endanger his life,” added Lieutenant Michael White of LASD. The athlete’s car hit a medium-sized car, drove two lanes in the opposite direction, overturned several times, and finally broke down on a steep road. Police chief Alex Villanueva said the airbag was activated and the car was basically intact, which “gave him a mattress to survive the accident.”.

According to the preliminary investigation results, it spread at a fairly fast speed. Woods was deliberately evacuated from the front glass of his car. Deputy sheriff Carlos Gonz รก lez, who served him at the scene of the accident, said he had talked to the athletes. “I asked him his name and he said,” my name is tiger, “Gonzalez explained “His legs were injured, but he was lucky because the cab was almost intact. People are usually shocked after such an accident, but he responded immediately. We were waiting for the firemen, and when they left, he couldn’t stand. Mr. Woods is lucky to survive, “Gonzalez added.

Tiger Woods made his last public appearance in a CBS television interview on Sunday, hosting the genesis Invitational on the last day of the tournament, but was unable to compete because of his fifth back surgery in his career. This new procedure puts an athlete who has been punished for injuries (five back operations and five knee operations) at a crossroads again. His performance in the first big game of the season has been in suspense, Augusta’s masters believe that every year is their great goal to realize Jack Nicklaus’ 18 dreams (tiger and 15). “God, I hope so,” he replied when asked if he would recover in April and fight for a new green jacket. “First of all, I have to go. A large part of it was decided by my surgeons, doctors and physiotherapists. This is my only backup. I don’t have much room for maneuver. “So far, I’m still in the gym, working for rehabilitation,” tiger said.

Woods’s hope for an early recovery occurred less than 48 hours before the accident. According to authorities and his agent, he was injured and forced to undergo surgery, which raises questions not only about his short-term future on the golf course, but also about his return to the course. Last December, at a tournament in Orlando, he had an argument with his family and partnered with his son, Charlie. Tiger said it was one of the best moments of his life.

Tiger Woods will stand out from the top 50 golfers in the world for the first time since August 2018. Overall, he has been in the elite for 1069 weeks, which means his 20-and-a-half-year career. In August, woods will celebrate his 25th birthday since he became a professional in 1996. The next year, in April 1997, he won the Augusta masters, his first great. He started a unique career, and in a quarter of a century he saw heaven and hell.

This is not Tiger Woods’ first problem. In May 2017, he was arrested in Florida for drunk driving. The player had back injuries as he does now, and he took several painkillers, which affected his ability to focus and stay awake on the steering wheel. The tiger lost control of the vehicle, but there was no serious accident. The police arrested him and asked him a few questions. Woods almost fell asleep and could hardly answer.

His police record the image of a puffy face and almost closed eyes traveling around the world, symbolizing a sinking myth, a new drop to the lowest, coupled with the acknowledged infidelity that even led to his temporary withdrawal from the golf course. In 2009, before that scandal, there was another car accident. The tiger ran into a tree after a marital quarrel.

Again and again, the cause of world sports legend is more precarious than ever.