Sur Is Also At Bayern

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

Ciro Mobile said that for Lazio, the chance to measure the European Championship is a “prize”. He added that they should end the game with “apensieratezza,” which means he invited his teammates to enjoy the experience. The result of this satisfaction was reflected in the score at half-time: Bayern beat the two clubs 0-3 in the first game in European history. The night of Rome is considered an entertaining moment, a problem for Lazio, completely overpowered by Frick’s team.

Local players began to enjoy their well-organized backhand: three centers to support, two wingers to ventilate, Luis Alberto to to organize, attacking with fixtures. They soon found that if they were all in their own area trying to grab the ball from a united opponent, they couldn’t fight back.

Luis Alberto, the Spaniard who was the most confused man in the resistance, was asked to score. On the face of it, watching the Germans doesn’t seem like a daunting task. Sur is the center. There is no sign that he will easily transfer his nearly 100 kg weight to every hectare of the band by doing side training to replace parvad (infected with covid-19). The waistline of his old oak was not at all dizzy. Pure illusion, pure prejudice, Luis Alberto must have thought that sur flew fast in the ninth minute and was happy to be with sane. There was a game against Leiva, a rebounding ball, and a pass from musac to Reina, which could be the result of a puddle, which was an assist from levandovsky. The Polish made amag, the Spanish goalkeeper spent a long time gliding on the water, the ball hit his net, Bayern speed up.

0-1 sums up the spirit of tonight. Lazio have no loopholes in the game and are always overwhelmed by the suffocating pressure. Young and elegant Musella, Mueller’s substitute, ended the most beautiful scene of the game (0-2) with a more or less adjusted shot. In less than half an hour, Lazio changed from happiness to pain. His counterattack failed when he was offside. His mistakes multiplied and eventually changed the expected order. The real counterattack is decided by Bayern, Bayern used the chaotic situation to achieve 0-3 and 0-4 goals, Correa’s goal, with the help of Luis Alberto and Finta allaba, hardly covered up the deep impression of the champion.

Bayern have won 17 of the past 18 Champions League games. Levandovsky has become the third biggest scoring champion in the world cup with 72 goals, second only to Raul (71), Cristiano (134) and Messi (119).