Simon: We Are In A Delicate Moment

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

Diego Pablo Simeon appeared in the press box at Bucharest National Stadium to defend his fourth and second consecutive defeat of the season, which exacerbated his failure to shoot from three clubs defended by Mendi. “Does your team lack courage? They asked him. “No, I don’t think so,” the Argentine technician replied. Earlier, on Movistar’s microphone, he had expressed his belief that the plan was ideal: “I don’t know what they expect, everyone is free to express their opinions, we seek strong blocks from order, and we tap talents from the recovery of the ball.”

Simone took on the responsibility of a plan. For most of the game, his team was trapped in the vicinity of the obarak area and was unable to make an offensive response to the rule of Chelsea from the possession of the ball. “I understand the management of the team, that is, pushing up under the defense. If there is no block under the defense, I can recover and improve Looking for transition. Neither team had a chance, but girud’s goal came after Mario hermoso’s rebound

Giolo admits that his team is going through a period of time and that if he doesn’t perk up, he may lose the two Champions he chose: “we are in a delicate moment now. The reality is that the characteristics of recent games are more about the results than what happened on the pitch.” Questions about this approach come one after another, always pointing to this retrogression, because although his players have achieved results and produced little offensive output, he does not deny that. “The game cannot be changed after the end of the game. There is no situation where we lack a better cooperation to recover from the ball. This game both sides are very hard, they use a beautiful shot to score.

By insisting on highlighting the setbacks his team has experienced in the past few weeks, Al Jolo seems worried that the team may digest the latest results. “We have difficulties and we need to work as usual. “We have to find a calm state to adapt to the current state of the team,” the Argentine coach stressed, adding that his analysis of a draw is very rich and rare. “They control the first time, but our situation is dizzy. The second quarter went well and I don’t think the goalkeeper will stop

Jane obrak did not hide the uneasiness of failure. “A stick is football. We have to look up. We have important league games to play. We need to improve and then, when we play in the Champions League again, we can make a comeback. It’s a difficult time for us, but we have to prove that we are a team, “the Slovenian goal warned. Obrak also defended Simon’s approach. “Our plan is always to defend well, no matter how we train. We want to score, but we don’t have a chance. Before the penalty, obrak analyzed: “we should keep calm in the last few passes. We played a normal game, not too bad. In the dressing room, I saw a team holding their heads up and believing that we would improve. I don’t think it’s a crisis, it’s a different moment, things happen to us. Today our goal came from Chile, the other day our goal came from Levante