Isaac, Set The Record For Ronaldo Nazario

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

Alexander Isak (21, Solna, Sweden) will return to the scene of the crime next Monday. Or almost, because it’s in Barnabas, not in vald Bebas, where the Madrid man retired during the pandemic, where he made the biggest show of his short football career with real society, more than a year ago when a doubles team beat Real Madrid in the quarter finals of the king’s cup, She was silent for 90 minutes in the bustling Merengues stands.

Just before the final game of that game, on April 4, a few days after the match in Madrid, Isaac returned to the spotlight with a goal. Since the beginning of this year, the Swedish footballer from Eritrean has scored in all the leagues he plays in and has scored six goals in a row. If he does it again in waldebas, he will be the first player in the history of real society to score in seven consecutive duels. John Aldrich and Dako Kovacevic are donostiara’s two best foreign players, but they didn’t leave.

If he can score, he will also be the youngest player to score for seven consecutive days. In the past 40 years, only Ronaldo nazario has scored six goals in 210 days in 20 years. He wears the color of Barcelona and surpasses the Swede. The Swede has done this in 153 days in 21 years. Facing the experienced veteran, the Real Madrid striker showed amazing pace, let him beat the opponent in the last few meters before entering the penalty area, and have an amazing intuition to position himself. Isaac was punished a lot last season when he was offside, almost always every inch, but he became more and more adept at controlling himself and coordinating with a large number of passers in real society to find space. On Sunday, opposite Alves, he received a huge pass from Mikel Merino to add to the first goal, although he later joked with his teammates: “definition is better than passing,” he said. The second goal was David Silva, who played for Isaac’s game, and the third was Mikel’s privileged left foot pass. Oyazabar.

It was his first hat trick in the league, although he had already won another hat trick at the Dutch championship, William II, where he was on loan by Dortmund, who signed him when he was 17. They then pointed out that real were interested in his signing, but the player refused. The royal society paid 10 million euros for Issac, who signed a five season contract until the summer of 2024. Now he’s starting to have suitors because his goal numbers are listed on the football exchange. The Real Madrid striker seems to have come out of the woods after his rival at tsuriurdin center William Jose was loaned to wolves at the end of January. Isaac’s winning streak, no doubt, has been in imano’s judicial police team. At the beginning, it was the Brazilian who bid farewell to his teammates.

Before that moment, the two players alternate under the preference of the technicians. The horizon is clear, he likes to be on the court, Isaac, his angelic face and shy smile hide a bullfighter from the area, fly to some numbers, put him in the champion’s big score. In the Basque Derby, after Sevilla, Betis, Villarreal, Cadiz (2), Getafe and three wins in a row against Alves, he tried to achieve a milestone in real history. With his 12 goals, one every 53 minutes, he made Carlos Fernandez forget for a moment that he is the fourth most expensive signing in the history of real society, with a thigh injury, but no one misses him now.