Christian Romero: “Our System Is To Make Opponents Play Badly”

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

If Atalanta plays Lazio, he is chasing Mobil; if he plays Milan, it is Ibrahimovic’s fault; if he measures Juve, it is Cristiano; if he visits Anfield, it is Salah. Cristian Romero’s task has always been the most difficult of Europe’s boldest defences. So far, he has never lost a great duel: Mobil, Christians, Ibrahimovic and Salah have all lost. Madrid attacked the central Apocalypse trench in Bergamo on Wednesday.

Questions. What’s the difference with Madrid, Juve, inter or Milan?

answer. It’s the most beautiful game of my career. Champions are another level. Start with the players. To eliminate a team like Madrid, we have to work harder than Serie A.

When you want to praise a striker, you say he is brave. Isn’t today’s boldness also the core mark of virtue?

A. It depends on which way. The best step in my career is not staying at Juve but on loan from Atlanta. Juve are a great club and I think if there are so many players (Chiellini, Bonucci and delit are all in the back), I don’t have so many chances to continue to grow. My current level is part of Gasperini’s job.

What did he teach you?

A. He’s behind me, correcting me, talking to me, helping me become more complete and growing up, especially tactically. Because before, in fact, I was a mess tactically and now I feel comfortable. Our game system is not easy and I’ve got used to it very quickly.

P. Gasperini said that order, balance line and symmetry all help defense, but the attack must be chaotic. When all lines have to be broken to create, how to defend them without reference lines?

A. Atlanta’s defence is clear, not just in the game… It’s not that we’re lost, it’s that we’re always trying to get an advantage with the ball. We want to find space in areas occupied by players who don’t have defensive opponents. It’s up to the opponent. But 90% of the forwards we’re facing don’t defend. That’s where our three centers are trying to find space to bring the ball to each other’s court. We look confused, but tactically we are very balanced. Our goals are less than a year ago.

Q. With Gasperini, can the center fly?

A. Our idea is to attack for 90 minutes, so we need three centers to attack as well. I didn’t play as a center for a long time, but the center’s left and right hands are the strong backing of the attackers. They have to try to put the whole game in the opponent’s half.

Q: why?

A. Because if the lineup of center and center is not cleaned up as much as possible, it is more difficult for top players to make a difference. It’s very complicated, because it’s more obvious for the center to make mistakes in possession and passing, because they may bring more obvious opportunities to the other side. There is a risk, but in the championship group stage, that risk gives us a reward.

Q. You are the defender who lost the most goals in the Champions League: 10 goals per game in the group stage. How can you leave your area and expect to be so effective?

A. Our system is to let our opponents play badly. Our defenders are basically person to person. If Benzema is injured and Benzema runs to Madrid, I will follow him. This may be because Benzema is a forward who doesn’t give you any reference points, he moves completely freely. If your core link is not a region but a player, then this starting point can help you dispel doubts: the link is your person, and you follow him. Gasperini allocated every goal ahead of time. The game will be played in a week because every opponent plays in a certain way and we have adapted defensively.

Q: which players in Madrid should think less about?

A. In Barcelona and Madrid, they are the best in the world in all positions. But if I have to name three Madrid people, they are Modric, Cruz and Benzema. They are the most influential people of their age.

P. Gasperini demanded boldness. They said that when you made your debut at bergrano in Cordoba, you reacted to your mistakes and attacked your opponent’s goal. Shouldn’t power plants be more afraid of making mistakes?

A. I decided where I was when I was 14, but at a lower level, I always like to play as a center or in the first half. Anticipation and attack are deep in my heart. In this game, we all make mistakes. It’s hard to play with fear. I try to relax. 100% confidence. It helps to make the right choice. Every mistake I made at the beginning helped me grow up, mature faster and learn a lot.

Q: how do you define Josip Ilic?

A. I’ve scored goals for the great strikers in Serie A; Ibrahimovic, Cristiano, debala, imobil, Lukaku… Ilyich has reached this level, and more. He doesn’t win so many titles, but looking at him every day, I have no doubt that if he plays at Juve or Inter Milan, he will be the best player in Serie A. what he does can only be done by different people. Do sth. Every time you play it, it simplifies everything, because it solves very difficult situations, helps, creates, imbalances, defines. He is always important to us.

Q: why is there so little top-level and good ball control in Argentina in the past decade?

A. I don’t know. Now I see some great centers, they are great players, like Lisandro Martinez of Ajax, Marco seneci of Feyenoord. Lisander is one of the most potential defenses. He’ll go a long way. He has a technique that can help him adapt to Ajax’s style of possession.

Q. What kind of power plants motivate you?

A. Ramos, Chiellini, Bonucci and Delite. I watched the match between Real Madrid and Juve to see them.