Bucharest Athletic

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

“We play at home! “In the press room of Bucharest National Stadium, Diego Pablo simmeon ironically announced that on Tuesday (21:00, Movistar Champions League), Atletico Madrid and Chelsea will be measured in the one-way final of the final eight of the Champions League. Flights from the UK were unable to land on Spanish territory, leading to mourning in the Romanian capital. Since learning that the match cannot be held in Madrid, the coach and the dressing room have been in agreement on the news of the forced exile. “We shouldn’t spend energy and energy on things that don’t depend on us,” savage said Later, Simone supported the words of the Montenegrin Ministry of defense, although he did not deny the discomfort of displacement. “We have a four hour trip and Chelsea has a six hour trip Only in the case of a draw away, the final value of the goal will break the sense of neutrality around the game.

In May 2012, on the stage tonight, Simone won the Champions League with a 3-0 victory over Marcelo Bielsa, starting his red and white Coaching Series. In that team, only the head coach and cork survived. At that time, he was just a PIO, no longer a fan in the celebration, but a scarf. Eight years later, under the guidance of the Argentine coach, Atletico Madrid looked at the face of Chelsea without complicated factors. It has nothing to do with the 2014 semi-finals, when white men in sheepskin competed with their rivals across Europe in terms of budget and quality.

If not for Levant’s two slips and a surprising and unusual defensive weakness that has been highlighted in recent games, Atletico Madrid has made itself a favorite of the English football team, which is in the process of rebuilding after Lampard’s dismissal and the arrival of German Thomas Tuchel. Tripir was injured by penalty kick and frashliko was injured by injury, which made Simone have no natural rights. Cantrano Ricard doesn’t seem to be in a party on the throne, and Marcos Lorente is once again a candidate who has lost his offensive presence. His own technicians admit: “Marcos has given us a lot everywhere. I’m the first to judge us, but he’s in the position of the players I have On the other hand, with kalasco also missing a strike, sol will compete with Lodi if giolo keeps the lead of two defenders and three centers in the last quarter. Seven games in a row, at least one goal, a total of nine. “We are a team that can change the score in the game, from three centre backs to four lines. With the three man system, we did score recently, but it’s like when we’re not suitable, it’s everyone’s problem, now we all need to improve in the defensive stage. First defense, of course, then everyone, “savage said.

For midfield, Kirk and Lemar are fixed, and condobia should sweep from behind them in principle. The attack will be directed at Luis Suarez, who El Jolo captured from his experience: “he created hierarchy and high attention in his opponents.” Tutchel also focused on zarua: “at PSG, we are interested in signing him this summer. He is a natural striker. He always wanted to prove that he wanted to score, score and score It remains to be seen whether Simone will play with Joao Felix or Correa for the Uruguayan striker. Once again, as in the Leipzig quarter final in Lisbon, the coach faced a dilemma, that is, in one of the most important games of the season, he excluded the most talented players, which is the club’s huge bet on sports and economy.

Face to face, the reborn Chelsea has won 5-2 since Tutcher joined. “We are facing a team with a technician who has done very well in all the teams he plays for,” concluded Simone.

Bucharest’s exile due to restrictions on flights from Britain to Spain has left Atletico with a sense of breaking the principle of equality, as the competition will be held in London on March 17. Chelsea coach Thomas Tutcher admits Atletico are upset about the decision. “They are at a disadvantage because they can’t play in the Wanda metropolitan,” the German technician admitted yesterday in London. A senior official of the Rossoneri confirmed to this newspaper that the club tried to get UEFA to return the game to a neutral camp in the negotiations on the choice of meeting place, but denied that they would continue to hold on. European institutions mentioned a protocol to organize political parties that might be affected by the covid-19.

The rule is that you can change the venue only if the health of your country deteriorates. Currently, Spain is not on the list of 33 countries that cannot arrange flights to the United Kingdom, most of which are affected by the coronavirus strains from Brazil and South Africa. The increasing spread of either of the two covid-19 variants in Spanish territory may lead to the blacklist of Spain by the British authorities. “Although we don’t know if it’s worse to travel to Bucharest or other Eastern countries, it’s a four hour flight or to London, only two and a half hours,” they said resigningly at Atletico.