Sevilla Took Third Place

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

Seville is a competitive animal. He always knows what he needs to do on the pitch and he’s completely adapted to the game. Practical and effective, lopegi beat an Osasuna who came in a good winning streak and won third place in the league, one point ahead of Barcelona. Andalusia is a quarter behind Madrid and seven points behind Atletico.

In sadar, Sevilla handled the game time cleverly. Under initial pressure from Osasuna, he stopped to score and dunked at the start of the second half, ending his sixth (fifth) consecutive win in the league. Solvency exercises, though sometimes give the impression that you can even pay before the game.

Due to Fernando’s high level and excellent defense, Sevilla beat the opponent without scruple, Osasuna was unable to throw him into three clubs. These 16 goals are the best proof of the high reliability of the team.

Osasuna and Sevilla have achieved good results for different goals in the fierce competition. The conflict has evolved into a series of personal exercises to avoid the pressure that both sides are doing well. Osasuna’s level of recovery is very high, forcing Sevilla to lose more goals. After five minutes of madness, they drove him crazy in three minutes. Sevilla was slow and chose to calm Osasuna from the line. Although their passing is too predictable, they have one advantage, which is that they placate an opponent who just started pitching.

Andalusians are standing balls. In the 19th minute, Jordan excelled in a corner kick by Diego Carlos. He agreed with Sevilla’s plan to make a living by possession, with Oliver trying to put the ball in the hole from time to time. Lopegi’s team is a strong opponent. You seem to be in a lot of pain in the game, and all of a sudden, you’re beaten like hell. That’s what happened at the beginning of the second half. Sevilla ended up in danger twice in a minute, Fernando grabbing the ball from midfield to assist Munir. Derong scored, and with the help of aridan, he won 0-2. The Brazilian footballer is fantastic. Sevilla adapted well to the requirements of the game and the second half was about to start. Osasuna lacks quality but has enough soul, which is a very complicated experience for her. It’s a great cause to beat the team with the least goals in the game by 0-2. More importantly, when Sevilla continues to play effectively, he safely passes the ball from one side to the other, facing a more and more tired opponent.

Lopegi made adjustments to keep the result of the game, and Sevilla didn’t take a moment to get a new victory. The whole of Andalusia feel so safe, thanks to their center and Fernando in front, they almost never drop. What’s more, substitutes like rajitic, PAP and ennesili gave him higher quality and even more goals. It’s a very reliable Seville and it’s very safe to walk. He will have a test shot in Barcelona on Saturday and two duels with Barcelona. First in laliga, then in the semi-final, Andalusia led 2-0 (Kude and lakitic scored).