Mitchell Beat Chelsea

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

He passed through Mainz, leaving a trail of exhaustion. “He’s a dictator,” gatekeeper Heinz Muller told him. Three years later, when he was fired from Dortmund, the board spared no effort to slander him. “He’s a visionary coach, but he’s failed on the human side,” said veteran goalkeeper borusse Roman weidenfeler. While at PSG, catali’s owners were baffled by what they judged to be near deviant behavior. Thomas Tutcher created chaos in all his workplaces, as he made his team play well, often showing very strange or unheard of dynamics. Less than a month after joining Chelsea, he has not lost a single game in seven games. The German coach has provoked a conflict, which is far faster than the frenzied pace of Jose at Stamford Bridge.

He was 1-0 down against Southampton on Saturday. At half-time, he replaced Abraham with Hudson Odom, who replaced zieher in half an hour, After the 1-1 draw at Chelsea, the British reporter looked at tutchel suspiciously and asked if he had made a decision that damaged the self-esteem of his subordinates. Not only did he not soften his response, but he also used the opportunity to send a signal: “I didn’t feel that Karen (Hudson Odom) was fully involved in the game, I didn’t see him keep vigilant under pressure one after another; we can’t save 5% of our energy.”

Tutcher shocked Chelsea just hours before the Champions League quarter final against Atletico Madrid. Physical and mental confusion is part of a highly computational approach that has allowed him to boast at Mainz that he has changed his tactical system up to six times in 90 minutes. Without training, Chelsea can only beat Lampard 4-3-3 and stabilize the team 5-3-2. So far, it’s a good chance for him, every time he loses, he can stop himself from going on at half-time. The result is a firmer defense. Now Warner and his teammates are a little less aggressive: they average 1.3 goals a game, while Lampard average 1.9. But they pass more, which shows they have more control over the situation and their average goal rate per game is low, from 1.94 to 1.2.

In addition to the restoration of Giorgio as a great coach in midfield, tutchel also tried to let everyone not know the lineup. So is the doorman. Contrary to the prime minister’s precedent, Mendi lost ownership of Kepa on Saturday.

However, Tutcher has changed less than he would like to, admitting that the basis of his training is not to repeat the routine, but to create new problems. Starting from the driving range, he tried to surprise the players with games and simulation, trying to make them reach the limit of physical and mental burden. He was inspired by neuroscientist Wolfgang Schollhorn, the author of differential learning theory, who was popular in Malaysia with Paco seirul lo.

In the middle of the winter, after Lampard was impeached by Frank lampad, a local media icon, Tutcher realized that he lacked time and prestige to activate the team in an orthodox way. Shock treatment is needed. There is no room to work on a substantial change in the game style, and it deals with changes that lead players in the emotional field. After five consecutive victories, he pressed the chaos button.

“I don’t know if tutchel did the right thing,” said Chelsea veteran Joe Cole. “In any case, he is a management genius and Karen did well against Atletico. He’ll be angry! “,

Guardiola city won 18 games in a row during their visit to Arsenal Stadium in Emile (0-1), an absolute British record. In the fifth minute, a goal from an uninvited guest helped Sterling score three points in front of an opponent who seemed to have found a recognizable route. Arteta’s Arsenal are growing. Although xhaka is still in control of the midfield, Arteta’s development does not allow him to go further than Leicester’s 10 point (59-49) lead in second place.