What Statistics Can’T See

2021-02-21   |   by CusiGO

The Grand Slam final between Djokovic and Medvedev is considered to be an interesting, difficult and competitive game. In fact, this game is almost uncontroversial, and the Serb is obviously in the dominant position in this game.

This game was actually sentenced in game 12 of the first round. Before that, we saw a scoreboard for fair distribution of results, as well as the different changes in strategy of the two tennis players. They have been combining patient communication with more aggressive moments to seek immediate solutions. In fact, Russian and Serb have similar characteristics. They are almost indestructible from the bottom of the track, they have an admirable defensive ability and a contract that is often final.

In the first few hours of an important game, players and their respective teams usually check and finalize the opponent’s game analysis. Although it is well known, people often watch videos and mainly study previous games. It’s trying to find some inspiring details, dig out a detail, and when you jump on the track, it will bring you more attention.

Today, anyone interested can access the impressive data provided by various professional companies for our players. We can know what percentage of services will lead us forward, forward or backward; what kind of communication is good for us; and even what speed is suitable for us to print on the ball. Data, data and more.

I think the reality of our movement is simpler or more complex. I don’t know how to express it. It’s almost impossible for us to know when our opponent will decide one or another choice on the tee, whether he will let us play at the speed suitable for us, and most importantly, we don’t know whether we can carry out everything we plan.

But no matter how advanced the technology is, it cannot measure the management of our emotional and spiritual power.

I believe Daniel came to the rod Laffer arena with all the information about Novak, but he couldn’t stay calm, overcome the setbacks in the first set, and continue to fight in those complicated moments. I am surprised that sometimes athletes of this level have such a small ability to face difficulties. I think once the game is over, the Russian will realize the lost opportunities and the endurance he has shown.

The day before the final, he said Djokovic was under more pressure and if he wanted to keep pace with Roger and Rafael, he couldn’t miss the chance to win. But the results of the game showed that there was much more pressure on him, and no matter how young a person was, the difference between winning his first grand slam and missing a new opportunity was overwhelming. That’s what he’s accused of. He can’t fight every ball as if it were the last one in the game. He acts like his life in this game in every exchange.

Interestingly, I have never seen this basic fact in the most accurate and detailed statistics.