Madrid Is Blocked By Air.

2021-02-21   |   by CusiGO

Zidane mediates in the second part of skunk. Kutoys is the best white male. Zidane decides to cut in in a healthy way. Strangely, he chooses an action that can only be performed in an emergency: he breaks away from a slap and enters the offensive Trio (vinetheus, the white man), Arsenio and Mariano) and hinted at his position on the bench, two cantranos (aribas and Hugo Duro) and the last one in the front row (ISCO). Due to Benzema’s injury absence, the team’s seam in the game area is still obvious.

Real Madrid has hardly any relief from the attackers, and the solution for both the starters and the players who follow comes from one of the holes that helped him stay stable in this difficult period: in the air. Cruz, focus, cassemillo, he’s got two vacancies, finished Valladolid. Two midfielders called for help again. Head, rescue again. A quarter of league goals (11 out of 42) are like this.

No championship team has achieved so much from Granada and Sevilla (7) as Merengues did. Atletico Madrid lead by nearly half (6 points), Barcelona only 4 points. Together with n. nesiri, cassemiro is the leader in the statistics of this competition. Only the sum of the two is the same as that of Azul grana. They have 242 corners, 37 collisions and six months of bingo.

This fact is all the more important because his idol Sergio Ramos did not appear in the Champions League against Inter in the air scoring table of the league. After almost being deported a few weeks ago, kabeza helped the Madrid man regain the league title. They are still three points away from Atletico Madrid and have a game and a direct duel in Wanda two weeks later. In the past four victories, so much air power has decided to approach the Rossoneri in three of these games (huska, hertafe and Valladolid).

Since ZZ occupied the Castellana band, it has been a recurring practice to move the center to the region. In its first phase, an alligator nests in the area, Cristiano Ronaldo, and sometimes the road is simple. Bell, Benzema and Ramos also help to verify the method. That’s how Marcelo and cavalgall’s assists increased: in the doubles season (2016 / 17), their total assists reached 13 and 12 respectively. However, with the Portuguese emigrating to Italy and the fall and exile of the Welsh prime minister, the air fisheries continued to feed Real Madrid. Zizou’s kids stick to this path (before today, it’s the fifth team in the league, after eibar, Huesca, real and Getafe), and have achieved good results. Even without the captain’s big signal.

Now it’s cassemiro who’s taking the lead. In fact, in all missions, because in these absences, he was defending Ramos. In the other area, he played well with cruise. Tony’s asshole always put the ball on him with his hand and whipped him with skunks. He has scored six goals, four of which are headers. The final result is positive.

This is another sign of Madrid airlines. He’s the biggest headache, almost always leaving a mark in the game. Apart from Benzema’s 4-1 win over huska, others have added points for him. The same is true for other games. The Frenchman beat Gladbach 2-0 at home twice and the result kept the club isolated for a week. In the one-way race in Germany, cassemiro and Ramos leveled a match considered a failure with two empty balloons when they were on sale. With Inter in vald Bebas (3-2), the captain widened the distance in his only contribution in this segment. Even on the worst night, in alco’s King’s Cup knockout, the white team only scored on the second B. While waiting for Benzema, real have not found a better shooter than air hammer.