Osaka Is Still Growing

2021-02-20   |   by CusiGO

Jennifer Brady managed to do the most complicated thing, bringing Naomi Osaka to a place where she could add some doubt to what was coming: the second coronation of Japan in Melbourne. She played nine games with the U.S. team, from you to you, until she slipped. It was a small mistake. She was convicted. That’s the end. With a bayonet, the Japanese player used the chance of slipping to award the first sleeve. In fact, a pulse broke at 1:17 meters: 6-4 and 6-3. The rest was sewing and singing for the champion. She won the second Australian championship and the fourth Grand Slam in the competition, which began to take on a really great shape.

By the time he was 23, Osaka had taken a decisive step. On the carousel of the women’s tour, she began to score and seemed to accept the challenge of the relay race, but there was still a lot of room for improvement in the race. Serena Williams’s gradual decline coincides with her rise, and this latest success once again demonstrates her determination to become an increasingly dominant player. In the past nine big games, Japan has four: two in Melbourne (2019 and 2020) and two in New York (2018 and 2020).

So far, Osaka has not lost in the four-quarters finals. The last bell rings. And then there’s Andre escu, sveitek, or even kenin, who won the last race in Melbourne and fell into the first round of this year’s race controlled by corporal Osaka. In the long run, when gabine muguruza forced her to lift two goals and play in the third of the eighth inning, the Japanese had only one emergency. The rest is to show strength, serve, resources and speed. Nothing is more right than you.

Brady held on almost in the first game. The orthodox tennis player from the United States, trained in college and strong in the semifinals of the last U.S. Open, presented a laudable endurance until she skated. He had a chance to break and serve 5-4 to end the game, but he didn’t succeed. Osaka stopped him, and then the big three of the world slapped him with open hands and snatched his right to serve, thus opening an abyss. From there, the nibona sailed happily, entered the sequel 4-0, then stretched out her toes without panic.