Atletico Madrid Dunk Again In Front Of Levante (0-2)

2021-02-20   |   by CusiGO

Atletico fell over by Levant again. After a draw at Ciutat in Valencia last Wednesday, granotas beat them 0-1 at the Wanda metropolitan on Saturday, thanks to Morales in the first game. If the whites win in Valladolid on Saturday (21:00), Simeon’s lead could be reduced to three points, even though the whites have only one game left. If Barcelona win the remaining two games, their distance will be the same from Sunday’s game against Cadiz.

After experiencing the defensive seriousness of Paco Lopez in ciutta, the Argentine technician arranged all his forwards (GIO, Correa and Suarez) to create enough chances to score at least one point, but goalkeeper Dani Cardenas arranged a game he will always remember.

Under the command of the commander, the Rossoneri launched an attack and asked goalkeeper granota to make a major intervention. Val scored at Atletico because of a previous foul by Luis Suarez. In the last few minutes, o’brique climbed into the corner of despair. After Levant’s defence was cleaned up, frutos fired from midfield so that the ball could enter without help. Simmons lost at home for the first time this season (the second time in the tournament). Up, on the other hand, plus 31 points, five seats in Europe, down to 10 points.