The Most Vulnerable Athlete

2021-02-19   |   by CusiGO

“Defense is our strength! Recently, Diego Pablo Simeon scored for his players Levante in five consecutive wins in laliga. Atletico Madrid faced Levante again on Saturday (16.15 points). In Valencia last Wednesday (1-1), laliga took a 6-1 lead. This is the worst symbol of the West Burma era. By the time he started talking nonsense, the numbers had shocked a coach who saw that in the past six games, o’brac had won eight of them, two more than the six he had recorded in the past 16 days. Neither the reserves nor the Slovenian goalkeeper is used to scoring so often.

If there’s one thing that makes the Argentine technician nervous, it’s that his players ignore the fact that his identity on stage begins with “zero goal.”. The Declaration on the need to do a good job in defense reminds people of the growing vulnerability near obrak. Although Cadiz won 2-4, the informant of the less solid defensive leader has jumped to Cadiz. Not only because of Negredo’s two goals before the mistakes and lack of perseverance. That’s why Alvaro Sevilla’s team won against three red and white centers (savage, jimnes and Philippe), while Carrillo, Lorent and Saul didn’t succeed that day. In the following games, in the Mets, Celtic (2-2) also got a significant return from the red and white weaknesses of the flank and the centre back. Santi Mina had a narrow lead over the centre forward, but did not meet his opponent. In the last minute, fakundo Ferreira also leveled the score under obrak’s beard. The game leaked out of the hole between cork and Lodi in case they got close to the area. The last goal was a response to Levante, who was behind for the third time in a row. Only Real Madrid in game 13 and Valencia in game 20 forced the Rossoneri back.

In the last part of the course, the three center and two lane systems have failed. Just as the last eight singles match against Chelsea in Bucharest begins next Tuesday. Another reason is to straighten a line, savage and Meili stand out, but Simone did not find the best Jimenez last season, let alone Philip. Jollo also failed to find a regular replacement due to the injuries of tripir and kalasco in the penalty shoot out on Friday, as well as the injuries of vlariko in the game against Granada. So far, neither the latter nor Roddy seems to have convinced the technicians how to defend under the cover of three centers. The Croatian, maybe a little more, but the Brazilian hasn’t finished watching Simon. Roddy didn’t take kalasco and Saul to Saturday’s game, regardless of their time off. Vitello has occupied the position in the last minutes of the match between Pamplona and Valencia last Wednesday and is now discussing it.

“Kalasco’s more beautiful position gives us a better conversion and a higher depth. The midfield can be a winger, the midfield can be a winger, and the striker can be a winger,” Simone explained of the Brazilian’s replacement on Friday. 4、 He did a good job. In the process of growing up day by day, when I asked him to play more frequently, he had to do better in another system, because he had goals, depth, cancel the check, big center, middle distance shooting, he could score… ” The Argentine technician doesn’t doubt Lodi’s offensive ability or visaiko’s offensive ability, but he does doubt his defensive ability, which seems to be Simone’s biggest worry now, because he yells at the players in training.