Benzema, Ninth Place, Came Off Madrid Due To Muscle Discomfort

2021-02-19   |   by CusiGO

Real’s injury hasn’t bottomed out yet. Karim Benzema was the last to fall, having been ruled out of Saturday’s game against Valladolid (21:00, Movistar laliga) because of the left-wing kidnappers’ discomfort, and missing his Champions League final eight in Italy’s game against Atalanta next Wednesday.

In the absence of this case, the first batch of injured players are nine: Sergio Ramos, kavagar, walwade, Milito, Rodrigo, o’derio Zola, hazard, maselo, now Benzema. Apart from French suspicions, others are unlikely to take part in next week’s European duel.

Benzema’s next game let him break on the white line, because he is the team’s top scorer this season (17). The second is cassemiro, five. So far, the other members of the front line have contributed very little: three from hazard and vincius, two from Arsenio and one from Rodrigo and Mariano. Jovich returned to eintrachte on Christmas day with a zero account.

If Qizu chooses the orthodox treatment, he will play against Mariano in Valladolid, who is a striker and has been away since the beginning of the last two seasons. However, Hispanic Dominicans refused to March, and now they have another chance. Last November, he was fired again because of Benzema’s injury. Then he started at San Siro against Inter, Villarreal and at home against Alves, and three consecutive series of 11 games solved the problem on pottery when he first played.

Benzema’s new physical condition has raised his ranking in Madrid to 39th this season, far ahead of his direct rivals in Spain: Atletico Madrid Suma 16 and Barcelona 25. Some people like kawajar or hazard have accumulated four this year.