Modest Grenades Bite Naples

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

The grenade perfectly completed a special date in its history. The andalusians noticed that they faced Napoli for the first time in the European qualifiers and they beat them with a very valuable game. Nervous and serious, the grenade won a huge victory. The result guarantees a trip to Diego Amando Maradona stadium next week. It’s the product of a great team created by Diego mart í Nez to fight on this scale in Europe. In addition, there are some important absences, such as private, Luis Suarez and Mira. 2-0 is the result of a search in this qualifier. He didn’t perform well at home, forcing his opponent to score three goals. Next week, Andalusia will continue to make history and dream of eliminating a strong team in Europe.

Grenades are a great competitor. Gattuso announced that in his last game, saying that the team that Diego Martinez is coaching is an atypical combination for the Spaniard. You don’t know what the mirror of this grenade is, though there’s a fundamental aspect to your way of Playing: you know how to make the most of the moments that every game offers.

In addition to the wisdom of Andalusia, there are also players like Montoro, who taught us a lesson in the rhythm of the game. In addition, he has made some game changes that are crucial to the development of the game.

Next to Montoro, gonaron also had a great encounter in the fight for the ball. The Andalusian scored two goals in a wonderful game and then controlled the rhythm of the game very well. Naples lacked spark and talent to overpower such a heavy grenade. He tried in the second half, but it’s a team full of trouble. Kennedy is important in both places. First it was a great pass to Herrera and then it came to a climax in machis’ powerful counterattack.

Napoli missed nine games and fell into the trap set by Andalucia. With Fabian and the badge, Napoli players can almost never overcome the pressure from Granada. The Italians made some progress in the second half when Gattuso was desperate, and in the second half they were a little close to 2-1. They didn’t hit, and now their favorite pass is the grenade.

It was Kennedy who put control of the game at risk, and grenades showed that in the first minute of the game. He warned foulquier in an action to stop Merlet from scoring, but the goal came after a Brazilian shot in the penalty area and a luxury center. There, erera had a good header. It was an action rehearsed by Granada, which made perfect use of the opportunity for Venezuelan players to arrive in the region. Two minutes later, Andalusia hit the ball again. The second shot was a manual counterattack. Machis snatched the ball from a slow Elmas. He teamed up with gonaron, and the Venezuelan changed the rhythm and passed the ball to genetti at the right time. In Andalusia’s second game, he made a great touch with the outside of his toe. Napoli didn’t respond to the challenge posed by the grenade. When Gattuso gestured in the band, he was confused and shocked. He needed a break to clarify his thoughts.

Napoli took the lead in the second half. The grenade took a step back and took control, looking for a counter attack to consolidate its dominance on the scoreboard. In fact, over time, he did well, although Napoli had some options. Zielinski’s entrance gives him more depth. The Polish player shot dangerously in the penalty area, and Rahmani nearly scored after a ball stopped. Diego Martinez’s reaction was to use Damon and solo to refresh the band for tired Marcus and Kennedy. Napoli tried to find a goal that would get him into the playoffs, though it wasn’t until osingham’s goal in the 87th minute. Herrera even scored the third goal in the last game of the game. Merlet stopped. Meanwhile, 38 year old Jorge Molina put pressure on Napoli’s defence in the 95th minute.