Mbape And Haran, Messi And Christians

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

Objective is the unit of performance measurement. The value of a striker, as long as it doesn’t prove to be the opposite, is to measure and measure his goals. The added details and concepts may improve the final product, but the more brands, the higher the value. I apologize. Harlan. I don’t know style. There is no aesthetics. There is no race. Not high, not low. That’s why his goals are similar. Within 24 hours, 1000 kilometers away, Camp Nou and Sanchez Pizjuan experienced the achievements of the two strikers at that time.

It is impossible for stakeholders to ignore the media noise and constant market comparison around them, which has put them at the highest level. It looks like they’re starting to feed back from a distance. Just like Messi and Christians did on their good days. In their case, like the Argentines and Portuguese, their football conditions are so different that you can only compare them by their goals.

Right hand and left hand. The French are 22 and the Norwegians are 20. They are 16 centimeters apart. The first can take the lead in any position, and the second is a classic heavy hammer, which has increased its influence in Sevilla in the game.

Mbape moves along the corridor of the left inner line theorists in the Nou Camp. There is no end, no front. Close to verati, not far from icadi. Pochetino’s goal is clear, to bring dest to the side of the band and to draw pikui to his discomfort. He did. His three goals are different and his position is different. The first is from small area to left, 9 points. The second and third, one on each leg, the typical striker is not there, but he’s here.

Harland soon understood in Sanchez pizoan that this was not a night in his reference area. Kunder, Diego Carlos and Fernando are all ready for strategy. A cage. One in the front, one in the back, and the third under cover. Stay alert. The Norwegians quickly fled to less crowded places. He invented the first movement to score, diagonal from outside to inside, and then passed it to his teammates. When dahud scored, he was at the penalty spot… Just in case.

After a long dribble at the centre back, he kept pushing to the left, signing in second place with Ruiz’s support and a fierce attack on the controversial direct ball.

The doorman is on the line in the girls’ area. In the third counterattack, he throws the broken arrow to the other side, to the right, and has to show the merits of his jujitsu when adjusting his body so that he can shoot with his left leg. He scored 18 goals in 13 championship games.

The fact that Liverpool have been knocked out of Leipzig and are unlikely to win the Premier League proves that they want to marry the champions. Their defense problems have crossed borders. In the past five meetings, he has received more than 10 letters, and klopper has had to improvise as many as 13 pairs of central and continue to search for a pair of central that at least won’t commit obscene mistakes.

Spain international Tiago Alcantara is also under discussion. The former club player makes a living as a media analyst, pointing out that he is one of the main culprits in the team’s situation. They accused him of not understanding the Premier League game. The statistics are not good for him either. He lost 12 games in the first quarter of the season due to lapol coved’s injury and knee injury. He has been playing regularly since January, but he has only played six full games. He didn’t score, he didn’t pass. He was replaced on Tuesday.