Higgins And Barcelona Extended Their Excitement For Zagiris

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

The European duel (86-62) against kounas zagiris was an extension of Barcelona’s and Corey Higgins’ ecstasy in the king’s cup. Azur grana team like the Lithuanian opponent’s proposal very much, this game rhythm is very fast, the score is very high, does not have too many defensive tangles.

Higgins, cup MVP, explain again. The California forward once again marveled at his ability to control the ball, some of the skilled help he gave Davis, and his breakthrough under the basket.

Zalgiris maintained this type for the first time, and found a channel in Barcelona’s defense. Under the eaves of milakonis in Lithuania and pivot laufrenne in France, azurgrana’s defense efforts were often undermined. The Lithuanian’s offensive rebounds gave them a second choice in the basket and prevented Barcelona from leaving quickly on the counter attack. When jasikevicius corrected his people, his changes and defensive help became more effective, zalgiris lost the clue. The difference at rest is already large (48-37). After returning to the parquet, zagiris defended in the penalty area and immediately broke mirotti with a three-point ball. The gap is growing. Austrian coach Martin Schiller asked for a quick suspension to attract the players’ most basic effort. Their screams rang through the empty Palau bruglana, but did not achieve the desired effect. On the contrary.

Barcelona’s gap continued to widen, reaching 24 points (63-41) by the end of the third quarter. Mirotik’s backup, the triangle between Hanga, bormaro and Davis, and the palms of Smiths all helped to make azzurgrana’s game effective and eye-catching. Zalgiris almost completely melted. Their attack was lost to Azur grana’s defense, especially the outside line, and many of their three-point goals were defeated by their attacking opponents Marius grigones and Nigel Hayes.

The third quarter balance sheet shows everything: 23-10. The third quarter led by 25 points (71-46) and the last quarter by 29 points (73-47). Barcelona dominated the games against oriola, bormaro and Davis, with Sergi Martinez and prestoway also playing a few minutes. It was Barcelona’s seventh win in the last eight European League games.

Barcelona, 86; zagiris Kaunas, 62

Barcelona: caratus (4), Higgins (19), abrienes (3), mirotti (10), olliola (19) – starting lineup; Davis (12), Hanga (2), bormaro (8), Smith (4), pustovi (2), Sergi Martinez (0) and Couric (3).

Zalgiris Kaunas: walkup (3), grigonis (8), Hayes (9), milaknis (8), lauvergne (8) – starting lineup; jankunas (3), lukosiunas (2), geben (6), rubit (6), jokubaitis (6) and vasturia (3).

Parts: 24-24, 24-13, 23-10 and 15-15.

Referees: ryzhyk, pasturak and Silva.

Palau bruglana. 25th European Union Day.