The Thorn Of Januzaji And Van Gaal

2021-02-17   |   by CusiGO

Sir Alex Ferguson’s last service for Manchester United before retiring was to make adenan januzaghi (26, Brussels) debut in the first team. He is a left-handed Kosovar, and Manchester United Academy paid him 300000 euros at the age of 16. He trained at the Red Devils school and made his debut at the age of 18 under the command of Ferguson. After being loaned to Dortmund, van Gaal was on the bench at Old Trafford and decided to pack up and go to San Sebastian to sign for real society. He has been four years, he is still recovering to some extent with the Dutch coach, and the European Union has linked his fate with that of his old club (the match will be held at 18:55 at the Juve stadium, Movistar LC).

When the draw brought Real Madrid and Manchester United together in the last 16, januzaghi and Boba kept sending messages to each other. They often do this because the two of them live near Manchester, and one of them often goes to their partner’s house to play afternoon games, or go to the Trafford center to play or shop together, It’s a big business park where young people get together and they don’t want to be on the street in those days.

Boba and januzaghi are United’s two promises, inseparable. The Frenchman made his first-team debut earlier in Europe, where he played athletics at San Mames, but at the end of the year, Ferguson announced that he would leave Juve and his friends.

Januzaghi lost his support, even though Evra brought the Belgians under his protection. “He’s a very balanced player,” he said, starting to alternate between the reserves and the Premier League. He has the trust of the Manchester United manager and his replacement David Moyes. However, the poor result disappointed the Scottish technician, who scored 27 games against Sunderland and two goals on that day.

Van Gaal’s here. Everything’s changed. “Without him, I will still be at Manchester United,” the realist repeated. “If there are the right people, they give me the confidence to play and I will definitely be there.” “Once you meet someone you will never have a chance, you will never forget him,” he told the Manchester Evening News. He prefers to recall Ferguson, Moyes or Giggs, from which he inherited the No. 11 shirt. He is his teammate, he has him as coach, player, second coach and first technician. “When I was in trouble, Giggs said a lot to me to help me keep calm and enjoy my football. If I don’t play, I won’t be angry, I will be down-to-earth.”

Four years later, however, januzaghi is still suffering from his failure in Manchester. “I have one year left on my contract, who knows,” he said, when he hinted that Manchester United lacked a player like him.

So far, he will face his old players. “He’s looking forward to it, but like the rest of the team,” sheriff imano said. “It’s not because of his past, he wants to play more than anyone else. We all know the importance of qualifying, the games we play, what it means to our club. We are all focused on the same thing So far, this very irregular Belgian extreme has not realized the indisputable ownership of donostiara’s paintings.