Marty Weggs Died, Part Of Barcelona’S National Emblem

2021-02-17   |   by CusiGO

In 1999, when Barcelona mayor Joan clos and his former colleagues kubala, Olivella, ramaletts and segarra won the gold medal for sports honors, Marti verges (vidreres, Girona; 1934-2021) declared: “in the history of Barcelona, we have to be where we deserve to be.” In his case, he is tall because he is a physical midfield player who can play right back. He shines on the bench with helenio Herrera. He won eight titles for Barcelona from 1955 to 1966 and won his dressing room teammates and fans. Later, he served as president of the Veterans Association and was later appointed honorary president, proving his origin in the club. He died on Wednesday at the age of 86.

Marty weggs completed his career in Barcelona, but in the early years he trained as a glassmaker at home. But he joined the club from Juve and won the gold medal when he landed because he won the first Spanish cup (5-1 win over Sweden) in 1951. Over the next three seasons, he moved to Barcelona fans and then to industrial Spain, a subsidiary of Barcelona, with which he won the first division. It was pinned to a wide field, perfectly integrated with Enrique gensana and Juan Antonio Segara, and entered the 1962 Chile world cup national team (Spain was eliminated in the first phase in Brazil, Mexico and Czechoslovakia).

In Barcelona, he formed a super team with his teammates such as ramalitz, Oliveira, rodry, Gracia, gensana, Sagala, verges, Evaristo, Suarez, cubala, zibor, ulogio and villavide… This generation won the three times of Expo trophy (1955 / 58, 1958 / 60 and 1965 / 66) together with Marty verges, Two leagues (1958 / 59 and 1959 / 60) and three Spanish Cups (1956 / 57, 1958 / 59 and 1962 / 63). Although like his generation of Barcelona players, his biggest disappointment was Barcelona’s 3-2 defeat in the 1961 European Cup final against Benfica.

Wiggs retired at 32, and no one had rescued him from 11. From 1999 to 2003, he won the honor in 438 games and 47 goals of the club.