Europe Disfigured Messi

2021-02-17   |   by CusiGO

He went to the grass, with a bad flea face, a tight chin, and a nervous rickus, which had nothing to do with the happy version he had shown in recent days. Messi’s smile is Barcelona’s expression, he can win seven league games in carreira. But it’s blurry in Europe, perhaps because it’s a thermometer, a stage for everyone to settle down. Messi has not been in the championship for many years because Barcelona are not with him and he will not fight when his cards go wrong. As he experienced in the recent great depression in Europe, as he did before PSG, the anonymous footballer seems strange, far from being a crossing point for any Blues attack. As a result, he scored only two goals (one penalty and the other shot); he traded 42 good passes for eight bad ones, and he usually played at least twice; he made two good luck shots (the only one he tried); he lost 16. Nothing will make PSG uncomfortable.

A few years ago, in ramasia, when they saw the 87 year old generation compete, they wiped their eyes. The 87 year old generation is a new generation. They have won all the competitions and won the championship in the opponent’s competition. Cesc, pique and Messi are the leaders of this team. Over the years, they have mixed with other cantranos who have played in Barcelona, including Harvey, Iniesta, Puyol and Valdez, as well as Busquets and Pedro. Mejuni gave the best formula ever for the Nou Camp, which is an equation that almost always leads by Guardiola, with Leo winning on the mat, a team that won three times in a row with Luis Enrique a few years later. However, in the past few years, with success and bad decisions, Barcelona are no longer what they used to be. Only Messi and pique remain in the team (except for a busquet who lost influence in the game), which is usually basic, because they have implemented their own laws in some areas, but they are obviously surpassed by PSG.

Koeman decided to pull a few gallons of wine and give ownership to pique, who was suspended for three months because of a knee injury, but he offered more guarantees than the inexperienced minguiza and the rusty ummiti, because Araujo was in the infirmary. Order and clean ball to leave at the cost of delay line and playing with stegan. It turns out that with Barca behind, he’s afraid to leave a few meters in front of mbape’s speed, and because he doesn’t have enough piquets to run too many trots, timolata razulgrana bet because they don’t push up or touch the ball in the outfield. In addition, a team plays in the defense attack transition period, because they are more concerned about the attack vigilance (whether it is the opponent’s attack or your team’s attack), rather than forcing the PSG into the corner. Messi, who was so fiercely celebrating the penalty, soon broke off again, bowed his head and watched the game, will settle for mbape in the opposite goalkeeper with a fantastic hat trick, marking the change of the times. But this bar is nothing new.

Messi is considered the best of others because he is one of the few people who can decide the game. When Barcelona is distorted in Europe, Messi doesn’t respond. When he sees the “lovely cup” slip away again, he will go crazy. This happened in 2017, when Juve asked Azul grana to take off his hat. Leo didn’t say a word. He lost his voice in a team that contacted more than arrived. This happened in 2018, when Rome reversed the situation in a qualifying match in the Nou Camp, with the team and technician valved collapsing because they didn’t give an answer. It is increasingly believed that Leo did not score in Europe because he did not score against Liverpool (2007), Manchester United (2008), Inter Milan (2010), Chelsea (2012), Bayern (2013), Atletico Madrid (2014 and 2016) and Juve. Tonica didn’t change in 2018 against Roma, when Barcelona were eliminated for the fourth time in a row in the Olympic quarter finals.

He did make Diana and was out of the one-way game against Liverpool in 2019, but Anfield’s history makes it clear that he is not enough. This paper has been certified by Bayern, who gave him eight goals last season, let Leo say enough, and then asked to leave. The request was rejected because he didn’t have the time, because Barcelona didn’t have 10 points, less than half. But even so, he is not enough to catch up with PSG and discuss the playoffs. They all accepted the advantage of their opponents and the fairness of the results. Messi, who went to the dressing room as he came out – facing the bad flea – said nothing. It’s not on the lawn. This is the worst board.