Astounding Juve At Porto

2021-02-17   |   by CusiGO

25 years ago, Juve lifted their last European Cup. If he wants to win as he did at Porto, it will take him another 25 years and he will return empty handed. Fate wants the champion’s octave to cross with another equally rugged team. The game they bet on was terrible. The absence of the audience deepened the fear. There is no shame in the desert. In addition, bentanku lacks peripheral vision. He passed the ball to taremie before the first minute. Only in front of goalkeeper szcz ę sNY did Iran 9 score. People think it will be the beginning of a crazy night because people find that Juve is a mystery.

Andre Pirlo’s mane was blown by the Duro valley wind, making him look abandoned. The Italian coach looked anxiously at the stadium as if looking for an escape. In this case, he ran in the first minute of the game and his team lost 1-0 after an inexplicable mistake. He faces the same problem as he does, because the same infrastructure exists in the port of conceso. The difference is not in principle, but in belief. Although Porto has a plan and its diligent players can absorb it without complication, the players of Juve seem to be inconsistent in their goals and do not fully understand what they are doing.

If the intention of the two teams should be judged by their performance on Wednesday night, their common slogan is to close the defense, crowd the field 40 meters away with men, attack each other to cut off the movement, and avoid passing the ball from the inside at all costs, so that the ball always moves along the edge. External row, central and lateral monopoly. Ten minutes before the break, labot, Chiellini and bentanku opened the game and the ball went straight into the stands.

Passing, colliding, fouling and players hiding in chaos without any advantage are everywhere, and no one would think of passing them. American mckenny is a model of escape, at the cost of Christian screams and laments, because he saw all the supply channels dried up. The Portuguese’s closest goal was one of chiesa’s centre forwards, who flew over his head and lost his way behind the sideline. Considering that Juve are 2-0 behind, the development of the game is confusing.

Porto led 1-0 in the first minute of the first quarter and 2-0 in the first minute of the second. Manafa turns right, facing Alex Sandro’s passivity, he focuses on the back. Marega’s goal put Juve in a double dilemma.

Porto spent the night peacefully, nothing new in Pepe’s fortress, and when Danilo almost accidentally threw labot next to his band, the French focused on Cesar. The goal is Juve’s first and last important goal in the game, which will help Agnelli’s hope of redemption is dim.