Queen Mbape Of Macy’S House

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

In the absence of Neymar, mbape was crowned in the Messi kingdom. The French striker played his part in the game and completed the excellent group performance of PSG. A better competitor, more cruel is the defeat of Barcelona. In the Champions League, after losing the Super Cup title, they did not perform well in Sevilla and were replaced by the leader of laliga. When they realize the superiority of PSG and the physical and technical strength of mbape, the blues panic. Mbape is such a modern striker, sometimes looks like Neymar, sometimes looks like Messi, but never stops mbape, which is the best updated version of Ronaldo. French influence led to Barcelona’s collective resignation, who knows if they will bid farewell on the 10th.

When Koeman’s players declared the greatness of the European Cup, there was no passion or anger except azzur grana’s abdication. Emotion and game control are completely controlled by PSG. Bochetino’s team has more personality and authority, even more collective identity than Koman’s team. The Barcelona people were soon overwhelmed by fear. If they didn’t score more goals, it must be because the French didn’t regard the match as a 1-6 replay, but a singles match worthy of recognition in Paris; they ended the match with a thunderous score of 1-4.

The match between Barcelona and PSG was so exciting that they were shut in the door and ignited without fans setting fire in the stands, but the fuse was lit with a radical torch at the entrance of the stadium, and then in the dressing room, when the coaches sang the lineup: Koeman felt that he had to take the risk of playing against derst and Peter Pique has just recovered from a three-month injury and both are eager to face mbape. Pochetino replied with a third hint: “Keane. The Argentinian has a plan for the Dutchman to take risks with some of Messi’s veterans and young men.

The Frenchman played better, grabbing the ball and using mbape’s deep clearance to suppress the turquoise flame, but he didn’t shoot at stegen’s exit. The play scares away Barca, who is more like an audience than a protagonist. He lacks tension and is fascinated by the slow pace of PSG. Navas’s goal was too far for Messi. Barcelona are very passive and afraid, defending more than attacking at the Nou Camp.

Although the game was controlled by PSG, the ball fell to the blue side when Messi made a long pass at the back of the center and left back and Akira Kurosawa injured his knee in Derong’s game. The referee gave a penalty, Messi 1-0. The goal cheered Barcelona and eclipsed PSG. Even dembelle shot straight in the 2-0 game. However, the French reaction proved fatal at an explosive moment when mbape was no longer a sprinter but an artist in front of stegen.

Villatti replied with a subtle touch of mbape that when the direction moved from right to left, the forward took control of the ball with two right hits, hitting the ball with a left hander that was unacceptable to the Barcelona goalkeeper. Mbape drags DeST, and Akira Kurosawa walks through the alley in front of the desperate pike. Stegen has been asked to play when Messi has no news.

Azurgrana people are difficult to walk in the opposite field, and PSG can easily reach and complete the arch of tstegen. The goalkeeper’s hands and legs supported Barcelona for a long time, and there was no blue news except for grizman’s change. Bochettino’s team after being handed over to Barcelona, only a little strength to complete the game.

Mbape then offered to end the duel in the same way: he scored two more goals, one after the arrival of Fiorentina’s right wing and the other after steggen’s impossible cross shot. The third is Keane’s defensive weakness when he fouls on the side.

This round is also bloody for Barcelona. Then Neymar will appear in mbape’s team. Due to a lack of pride and competitiveness, the resignation of the Azur granan has expanded mbape and PSG. Barcelona don’t even seem to be the most popular team to measure today, but Azul grana is back from Lisbon 2-8 in memory.