Create The Perfect Player

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

The players parading for this article are likely to be those who appear in the coach’s dream: perfect and impossible. A forward can win almost all air duels, he’s controversial, and he’s the fastest and most competitive? Media coach’s expert, laliga’s statistical and video analysis tools, think about Lionel Messi, Barcelona’s forward, maybe Messi? Although the answer is no, Messi won’t either. The super players he’s about to discover are the archetypes of the best goalkeeper, the best defense, the most comprehensive midfield and the most lethal striker imaginable; all created by tools that can learn more about the performance of each Santander player. According to the data analysis, these are the perfect football players composed of the main advantages of excellent Spanish football players.

Where are you going to find the right gatekeeper? His two most important qualities are among the new promoters from laliga smart bank to laliga Santander. It’s no accident that Cadiz goalkeeper Jeremy Ledesma became a central magnet. Yellow teams defend near their area, forcing opponents to attack from the outside, and Ledesma responds highly. In these 22 days, he has 18 centers. It’s also surprising that Edgar Badia, the goalkeeper of Elche CF, is one of the best players to stop the game, that is, to catch the ball while blocking it. His team got a lot of goals and he responded well, but he was also one of the five goalkeepers with the highest scoring rate.

The game style of each team shapes the characteristics of a player who has to adapt to his coach to stand out. Testen, Barcelona’s first, has become a football master: more than 90% of his passes are correct.

There are also offside players like Jane obrak, who can do almost anything, even though he doesn’t get so many goals in every game. He made 53 arrests in 65 house to house shootings.

Building on other events in football matches, the media coaching team has recently played a role in this. Roberto L รณ PEZ, the mediacoach project coordinator, and the laliga Sports Research Coordinator stressed: “we seek to automatically record technical and tactical movements in the game.” For example, the system detects that Jodie massip knows how to move the ball without giving the opponent a second dangerous chance. It runs on 90% of non blocking sites.

Who doesn’t appreciate the center of Jesus Navas? He’s been doing it all his life. Enjoying the battle of Osasuna in gagobaarat is nothing new. One of the centers, David Garcia, is 85 meters tall (compared with a center over 90 meters) and the most powerful defender. He won 78% of the contested air duels.

As its coordinator, Lopez, explains, mediacoach allows us to go further. Everyone is talking about Sevilla Football Club defender Jules Kund, who has won an unprecedented victory on the football field. full speed forward. He pushed the ball forward 376 times, more than 8 meters, at a speed of more than 14 km / h.

But defense shouldn’t just be strong or physical. Sergio Ramos meets all the requirements and is picked up by his teammates nine out of every 10 passes. This is the beginning of the attack by Real Madrid.

Passing is an important part of defense, but it’s crucial for a midfield player. That’s why Fabio Nevada, technical football analyst at mediacoach, appreciates the concept of deep passing. German Tony cruise is one of them. “Our understanding is that if you run more than 30 meters from the starting area (one-third of the defensive area on the field), 20 starting areas, or 10 starting areas in the last third, you can pass a deep pass,” he explained. “Cruise is the most successful, with 92% reaching the last third.” They told mediacoach that this kind of data can make the conclusion closer to the actual situation of the game and avoid any mistakes in the analysis.

In this sense, changing direction is another variable to understand the participation of midfield players. Cruise, for example, “total average” is juxtaposed with Joan Jordan of Seville football club, who has done the most (39). What’s the meaning of this? The 39 passes have crossed the center of the court, and the distance between cruise and the receiver is more than 60% of the width of the court. To be sure, the German is very close to the player who can create the media coaching machine: he is the midfield player with the highest forward pass success rate (89.6%) and the player with the longest pass by laliga Santander. He is Santander’s second most influential offensive player (56). Only Messi, who is the striker, accumulated more (96). An almost perfect engine for your team.

But cruise can’t do everything. A clean midfield also needs ricco’s air, who defends SD Huesca’s color, moving an average of 12.5 kilometers per game. Or deploy Derong, when his team gets the ball, he moves the most on the other side’s Court: he has a total of 92000 meters.

Football is a collective sport. One can’t beat 11 people, one can’t beat 11 people alone, and one can’t do anything. The evidence is whether he is suitable for a striker. For example, to win a flying ball in the air, you have to be strong and strong. Nevada explained: “that’s why Joseph is a very suitable player for D. Alaves to play directly. Babazoro’s hammer won 148 air duels. Start with his head and build a striker you’ve never seen before.

Yes, there are some things Messi can’t do. Very few, actually. Nevada has an impact on the relevance of high impact offensive action: “combine goals, assists, scores and passes to form a goal. It’s a simple and quick way to measure the total impact of a player on the team’s attack Many people will not be surprised that even if they have not participated in all the games of the team, the champion is still Barcelona’s “10”. “This is the most representative measure of its performance,” said analysts in Nevada. He had a number of runs (85), assists (40 is the second pass to score) and shots (56 out of 106).

In this position, it’s worth noting the work of Real Betis center Nabil fekir, who beat his opponents in 51 of 76 games. High stakes. Although his risk is half that of the Argentinian, he has a higher percentage of hits than Messi.

“To stand out in some ways, you need a range of features that sometimes don’t allow you to do so well in others,” Nevada said. “Benzema, for example, is not the best in any measure. He is a great player. He scored more direct goals than Messi (11 goals, 5 assists, 13 and 2). Only Luis Suarez overtook the Frenchman: he had two assists in 16 days, “he added.