Bono, The Goalkeeper Beyond Your Complex.

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

An angry Sevilla and a low-end Dortmund will be quoted in pitzvan on Wednesday (21:00, Movistar LC). Andalusia won nine consecutive games, which is laliga’s fourth; Germany’s sixth, which has won only one of the past six games. The stop loss of Yassin Bono (Montreal, Moroccan nationality; 29) is one of the keys to Sevilla’s good time. Sevilla has not scored in seven games in a row and he is very active in all games. The goalkeeper’s appearance is the result of overcoming difficulties after he decided to leave Morocco for Atletico Madrid B, Zaragoza, Girona and now Sevilla.

“Bonus? “He offers one exhibition after another,” said Fernando, who was nicknamed father in Sevilla’s dressing room because of his experience (33) and pedigree among teammates. The midfield player celebrates the performance of his teammates just a year ago when he became a substitute after a little noticed move in 2019.

He made a mistake and almost kicked Sevilla into the European League. However, in June against Ebar, he gained ownership after his teammate vacillac was injured. In the last European League victory, Bono’s stop loss was dazzling.

“Bono is good, but he doesn’t believe it, he lacks confidence. When he takes that step, he’s a top goalkeeper, “said someone inside the Sevilla entity. Coach and sports director Juren lopegi and munch are goalkeepers. They all work with Bono. “He’s smart, hard-working, hard-working. His great mentality is bearing fruit, “said his goalkeeper, lopegi.

Scoring is a bit complicated because he comes from a football field like Morocco and his character is a bit exaggerated. On his first day in Seville, he spoke to Juan Carlos uzue, who reiterated that he had to believe in his great qualities. Ursue knew him from Girona and was Sevilla goalkeeper from 1990 to 1997.

Bono loved his career and devoted himself to it. For example, at the end of last year, when he was absent for two weeks due to coronavirus, he was studying the tactics and movements of the best goalkeeper in Europe. His father, a physics teacher, didn’t want his son to become a football player, but he didn’t give him any obstacles. Now he has collected all the T-shirts Bono exchanged throughout his career.

Munch received a very good Bonus report from Pablo machin’s technical team, which was agreed by the goalkeeper at El Girona. He signed him in the summer of 2019 without hesitation and finally bought him for 4 million euros last summer. Bono has a nerve of steel. He is a player who controls the changing room of nesiri in Morocco. The striker is very loyal to him. When he hesitates, the goalkeeper’s performance is amazing. Thanks to his work and the efforts of his teammates, the goalkeeper has not scored in 709 minutes, 71 minutes away from the actual record, which is far from the goal myth of Andr é s Palop, who scored 780 minutes in 2008-09 season.

“What he did in front of huska was cruel. He has had the best stay of the season and is now experiencing an extraordinary moment. “I hope I can surpass myself,” parop said after Sevilla’s victory over huska. In the game, he traded one foot for the Savior’s hand, leading mill 1-0 in a short range.