The Crossroads Of Mbape

2021-02-15   |   by CusiGO

Edison Cavani treated him as a brother and suggested that he use his physical strength to carry out large-scale shooting. Neymar junior treated him with condescension, ridiculed his hyperactivity disorder, and pointed out that he mistook the fast game for good. In 2017, Kylie mbape met two opponents in the dressing room of Saint Germain in Paris. The two leaders offered him two contradictory possibilities: industry or art. Four years later, a person close to the players said, incredible things happened. Neymar seduced mbape. People who don’t value him the most. The last thing he likes.

Tonight, mbape will jump to the Nou Camp and take part in the singles of the final eight. Without Neymar and DiMaria, they are injured and he will wear the uniform of the main character. At the age of 22, he was about to end his career and was caught in a professional conflict that worried his consulting circle. His father, Wilfried, was in charge. For months, they have been trying to convince him that he has a historic opportunity: to use his huge scoring conditions to become Pele’s successor, or to let himself be attracted by a pleasant temptation to imitate Neymar’s most frivolous version – in Juana Lillo’s words – “player”.

The debate extends to every corner of the PSG. How to persuade a 19-year-old boy to win the world cup and solemnly announce that he has reached the goal of “life”? How to persuade him to change when he is the first player in his age over 20000000 euro in annual net income barrier? In 2019, then coach Thomas Tuchel warned President Nasser karafi that all he could do to restart mbape’s career was to sell Neymar. After leading his first game (1-1 in Saint Etienne on January 6), Mauricio pochetino said: “mbape has to improve like everyone else.”

In football, the exponential growth announced by the striker, who won the league with Monaco in 2017, did not happen, despite his muscular development. In the championship, the final test is six unmarked knockout games. In the calendar year of 2020, he played 11 games, including the final against Bayern. He didn’t score until the last day of the group stage, when Istanbul Bashar hill was eliminated and sent off in a 3-0 penalty shoot out. In the 2019-20 season of UEFA, as many as 17 players scored more than him.

At the suggestion of his representative, mbape, he has been trying to bury the impulse of poetry for months. They said that in face-to-face matches, he was very responsive to the idea of reiterating his identity as a player. He has started his unique industrial transformation: focusing on the other side’s goals, trying to be tough and more cooperative with the game. But, according to the club’s warning, he looks uncomfortable. In doubt, he burst out and finally came to midfield, flew up and asked to put the ball under his feet. He showed his shortcomings there. He never had an organizer or virguero wood. Few football players have achieved great success with little effort. Not even a great master like Neymar.

“There are two types of superstars,” said an agent who works with PSG. “Those who rank through a generation of games, such as Maradona, Messi or Iniesta; those who rank through goals, such as Pele, Cristiano, van Basten or Ronaldo nazario. The problem with kailian is that for a long time she gave up the nature of the hammer; she didn’t like to make history by tapping bookmarks. He just wants to score. Sometimes you are overwhelmed by power, but you prefer to brake, make statues, make an Arabian ball and dribble continuously, or go to midfield without knowing how to use Neymar’s punctuality to measure the time of the game

Saturday in nice, a leading team, PSG has a lot of room to run. He directed mbape’s nine counterattacks in front of the beardless Andy pelmar, the 20-year-old winger who was offside only twice: one to concentrate and the other to foul in the 87th minute. Accompanied by several midfielders, he completed three games with the help of de stamp, three times outside the penalty area, away from Palos. Bad temper, kicking. They showed him a yellow card. Drakesler and Keane scored for PSG (2-1).

Summoned to be the best player in the world, today, karion mbape is experiencing a football identity crisis. Barcelona offered him two extreme paths: glory or insignificance.