Nadal Changed His Mind: “I’M Here To Fight For Something, There’S A Choice.”

2021-02-15   |   by CusiGO

Earlier on Friday, Rafael Nadal and his team went to a clinic in Melbourne to give the top 20 champion, who has suffered from back pain for three weeks, a minor operation, which means the last bullet will be spent. If it doesn’t succeed, the fate may be very different. The Balearic won’t fly over the quarter finals of the Australian Open after beating Italy’s Fabio fogenini 6-3, 6-4 and 6-2 at 2:16m on Monday. Injecting anesthetics and anti-inflammatory drugs between the lumbar vertebrae is not only effective, but also ultimately released. Nadal is once again a recognized Nadal. There are no restraints.

All of a sudden, the once dark day turned into a more beautiful scenery. If everything was uncertain and doubtful before the third round against England’s Cameron Nouri, then on that day, we have seen a development, consolidating the duel against fuganini. The San Remo game was a bigger test – he was the only opponent who had successfully lifted two sets in a big game throughout his career – and the results were very satisfying. All of a sudden, what used to be dark is now a more optimistic scene, although the horizon has a difficult intersection with Stefanos tsitsiipas of Greece, which will be new, because Matteo berrettini has not overcome his abdominal discomfort and has not appeared on the track.

In a video conference with reporters, Nadal expressed some optimism: “obviously, the future of the game is different from that of five or six days ago. There is no doubt that the situation has improved. Today (until yesterday) is an important victory for me, the opponent always gives me trouble; three sets. The first one, “mallocan added,” is very good, and then I’m a little tired, because in the end, when a person doesn’t train at the right intensity for 19 days, the preparation becomes very bad. Today, I find myself physically faster and stronger, so I’ve taken a step forward in all aspects. ”

At the age of 34, Nadal mastered the time and content of his speech. “He has a very structured mind to communicate,” said one who has known him since he first set foot on a professional track. The Spanish tennis player usually doesn’t say a few words, so this “different point of view” should not be taken lightly. Now, yes, the mallorcans seem capable of taking the Australian throne. “There is no doubt that my back is better and now we have a chance to fight for my coming here.” The preparatory work is not ideal, so I may be defective compared with others; but if you ask me, if I signed you five days ago, you will be like me now, and I will close my eyes, “he said after a comforting performance, which opened the door for light.

In his analysis, Nadal has an impact on both physical progress and tennis. After nearly three weeks of hand braking, he was finally able to work three days in a row with the intensity he needed to reactivate the automatic device and restore the spark. He mentions frustration, new capital, which is becoming more and more decisive in his game; liquidity, the martyrdom of fuganini, because he has hardly left a crack; and a second service, which is another basic aspect of his plan, because if the first service does not need inspiration, they act as a buffer for safety.

Back problems prevented him from operating the lever correctly and forced him into a minimal mechanical state. However, Friday’s penalty eased the pain, so he was able to return to his most aggressive serving strategy. In this way, Nadal’s ball moves at a different speed. In the debut against Laszlo Geer, the second serve was 151 km / h on average; the second serve against Michael mmoh was 147 km / h, which was significantly higher than that of nori; the speedometer on Monday was 160 km / h, which had a very significant technical increase from the first day to the last day.

“If I want to have a choice in front of people like zizipas, I have to play at a very high level,” he warned in front of the hurdles (Nadal won six of the top seven) to reach the semi-final. Anyway, the Greek will come to the table with a warning: Nadal has spread his wings and is only three steps away from his 21st big man.