A Great Sports Goal Beat Cadiz In The Crisis

2021-02-15   |   by CusiGO

As an energetic and happy player, Marcelino takes on a new look with the addition of Vega, unay Lopez and Berenger. In the context of football identity crisis, he reviews a Cadiz player. The plan was perfect for Marcelino, who did not hesitate to look for his opponent from the first minute, aware of the doubts of Andalucia, who entered the game with three wins in a row and 11 goals. Now, for 24, go to three drop zones.

Alvaro sevella’s face in the band is a real poem. Facing the collapse of the team, he has entered a delicate stage, showing a very competitive side in the first stage of the course. Under the influence of Marcelino, the player completed the game flawlessly for the first time, winning 0-3 at the end of the half, thanks to his ability to turn his dominance and excellent game into goals. Berenger and uene Lopez scored well and Marcelino bet for them. Cervera made four changes from one hit to one hit. useless. Williams showed no sign of resistance in the fourth inning and succumbed to his tragic fate in a forgotten game. The player returned to victory in an excellent way in Lali and retained the option of competing for the seventh place, which may be European.

This sport, pure vitality, made Cadiz suffer cruel harassment, resulting in two people arriving in the first minute of the game. Basque’s rule and good football performance turned into goals, thanks to Berenger’s easy goal, as well as Cadiz’s poor position and lack of strength. Five minutes later, Berenger turned a beautiful Williams pass into a goal. Delico is also a competition from one end to Alcala and its definition of Ledesma. 0-1 soon proved the athlete’s great advantage in Cadiz. Muniyain scored with the ball and took a 2-0 lead in 15 minutes. Uene Lopez’s goal was excellent. In a quarter of an hour after six years, the player scored two goals away from home. The last time he did so was in a 2-4 Cup win over Celtic, during which they scored San Jose and adriaz.

Cadiz, faded, no ball, turned into a beaten bag. 36 minutes later, a big pass from Munian gave him the ability to finish third after a backhand and a subtle touch from Ledesma. The passivity of Andalusia’s defender is remarkable and his performance in the game is excellent. The sportsman, relaxed and happy, did not stop in front of an unanswered Cadiz. Ledesma saved a rebound from Williams, but wesga hardly scored on a beautiful header. Cadiz knew nothing about the identity that made it a reliable team, but it collapsed at the first disturbing sign. At the crucial moment of the season, his lack of perseverance and intensity may make him suffer a lot. The numbers at half-time were obvious: the nine sports highlights in Cadiz clearly showed the advantage of the visiting team.

Severa hopelessly changed the break. He changed the whole attacking area of the team in search of at least one reaction. After a great career as a striker, he came across a heavy blow from Williams. With the end of the game, Marcelino also used the opportunity to make a change and make a new look in his team. Cadiz, breaking, can even get more goals on a sad, windy February night.